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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. This is Meredith’s time to carry the season
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  2. I know the good stuff is coming later tonight but…NOT another solo scene with Heather talking to members of her family about deciding to leave the Mormon church. We get it!!!
  3. During WWHL, Andy basically said the next episode is set entirely during that day and called it one of the Top 5 Housewives episodes of all time.
  4. She was practically salivating onto the table while the other girl was talking dd.
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  5. Whitney's headshake when Lisa said, "it's not about Sharrieff." CHILLS.
  6. Mary confronting Whitney was giving me... Erika VS Sutton. Like no one can say anything to Mary because they're all terrified of her so she gets to react whatever way she wants over whatever she wants and they all just cower and let her behave that way. It's just as infruiating to see as a viewer as it is when Erika stomps on every housewife she perceives as weaker than her, it's not fun.

    But the end of the episode was amazing, I was actually gooped. Jen using her husband to get out and the girls actually being worried, even considering cancelling the trip to the point the producer is asking... Then the realisation. Gag.
  7. The shot from within the van of the police approaching through the window. Chills.
  8. All this episode solidified is that Mary is not a team player. She's excluding cast mates from filming, refuses to travel with the group for trips, films when she likes and has zero interest in establishing any genuine friendships with the other women. Like... what's to stan? The gag is the girls feel the same way and she's about to be thrown under the bus and exposed for who she really is. Axe her once the season is done.

    I'm hoping from here on out that the season is unstoppable because the last 15 minutes were great.
  9. When you first catch a glimpse of the SWAT team assembling through the bus window

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  11. [​IMG]
    Coach Shah's house was broken into and he confronted the burglar.
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  12. I'm sorry but I'm still on the Mary Cosby train. Her trying to setup Whitney and getting MAD when Whitney immediately clocked it and refused to go along with it? Her awful Italian accent? The audacity to say the other girls have bad fashion when she wears every accessory in her closet to group events? Whitney casually dropping that she KNOWS she's running a cult and was still friends with her, on top of Mary abusing her via text message?

    She is an absolute lunatic and I can't stop watching her. Like yes, she's evil and completely detached from the group but that makes her even funnier.
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  13. Edu


    Jen Shah arriving in that full white, red and green ensemble was giving me Stefani Germanotta doing the House Of Gucci promo tour. Ciao, bella! Giuseppe! Straight from Italy. Representing... Italian.
  14. Mary's cokey twitchiness is...not even fun or campy, she's just unhinged. As previously mentioned, she is such a wreck that no one wants to confront her, so she's just spouting her nonsense and not facing any accountability.
  15. Uno


    I still am team Mary but it's very clear she doesn't fit in with this group of girls at all.
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  16. The fact that her hand is a completely different shade and hue than her foundation... do we know if she was actually talking to Coach Shah on the phone or one of her squad members?

    What an episode, the second half was sheer perfection. Mary being unhinged with the fact that Whitney didn't fall for her trap... Mary being Mary... I just need more Meredith.
  17. Mary should be demoted to Friend Of. She's run her course.
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  18. A friend of whom, exactly?

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  19. Jesus.
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  20. Lisa and Mary going AT IT over nothing, and then Jennie finding her way into it by accident, is the sort of random shite I live for on my Housewives.
    I'm here for Mary getting to explain how she fought her Mum for the church, before Lisa starts to take her down.

    (Yes, I'm an episode behind)
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