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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. "I feel like this group is not going to be happy until I choke on my par-sta and die!"
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  2. Whitney would be a much better housewife if she sprung some of these “traps” instead of just pointing them out. Imagine how much more fun and iconic that Italian dinner would have been if she had dressed like Mary wanted.
  3. I am so sick of hearing about Whitney’s stripper pole. I’ve had it! OFFICIALLY!
  4. Mary is a sociopath with a God complex. She is unable to get along with anyone that doesn't kiss her feet.

    She won't be back next season, I'm 100% sure of that.
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  5. I'm not understanding why everyone wants Mary gone. She's making great TV. I'm not watching this show for moral and friendly people. I'm not looking up to these people. I have no desire to emulate them. All I care is that they entertain me. This episode was amazing, because of Mary.
  6. Imagine Mary was cast in season 2 of All Stars? I don’t even think Blue Stone Manor could contain that much chaotic energy.
  7. It's not fun to watch someone untouchable. I'm definitely not watching this for moral and friendly people either, I love Dorinda, Gina, Janet, all of the horrible queens that make these shows so funny. But all of them have people that aren't afraid to stand up to them and really give them heat. Mary right now is operating like Jen did in Season 1. Basically you can't say anything about my actions or me without me making you look like the bad guy. It's so manipulative and makes the interactions less about a fun kiki drag slay yes mawma, into cringy and uncomfortable.
  8. I mean, we already know we're getting into a Mary the cult leader storyline and she will be called out and confronted.
  9. I don't think it'll be as confronting as we think. It seems like Lisa is the only one that mentioned it in the trailer and.... Lisa isn't really the best at keeping people accountable, as we've seen.
  10. When Whitney started crying saying she loved Mary (????) then went on to reveal genuinely abusive text messages from her???
  11. - Mary and Whitney seemingly coming out of nowhere over a missed phonecall, but Whitney then revealing Mary had already destroyed her iver text off camera about it as well. I can't deal, Mary is absolutely wonderful in her scenes, but almost unhinged in a group setting.
    - Them not releasing Jen lied about Sharrieff to get out of that car park until now. I fully gasped at the audacity... she's as guilty as sin.
    It's not going to be a "did she know" case like Erika's, it's a "she's done it, here's the evidence" case like Teresa's.
    - I love the behind the scenes feel of it all, the editors must be God's as I didn't realise how much they filmed them. So many hours of useless footage and niceties an episode to shift through.
  12. Jen just jumping to Sharrieff having internal bleeding as an excuse to leave. Did she really have to go that specific and that dark?
  13. If the feds come for you it's a wrap which is why I'm shocked she still hasn't tried to cop a plea. From what I've read, they first started this investigation around the time Bravo announced the show, so before filming even began. We know she's proclaiming her innocent, but I just can't fathom it in light of how serious these charges are.

    I'm very curious how this season will go and how she'll move forward.
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  14. I feel, she won't plea until after the reunion is filmed with fear of being instantly sacked?
  15. What a terrible lie Jen made up to get out of there, yikes. Mary and Whitney’s situation was pretty crazy and I love how everyone seems so comfortable just calling out Lisa all the time now. Mary is nuttier then squir rel poo.
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  16. But by waiting this long they may not even offer her a plea. Her assistant Stu already pled guilty and will likely give evidence against her. She doesn't have any leverage anymore beyond delaying the trials. Her time to plea I feel is up.

    If it was me I would've tried for a plea immediately and just gotten my year over with. Now she's likely going to get more than a year.
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  17. When is the trial delayed til? I wouldn't be surprised if filming starts before the reunion wraps in order to get one more season out of Jen.

    They need to cast well going forward. I hate to say it but Jen is vital to the show's success and she's a big character (lowkey enjoying her this time around). A true juggernaut needs to be introduced for season 3 in order to fill the gap for when she inevitably goes to jail.
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  18. Bravo uploaded the episode on Youtube.

  19. I'm pretty sure it's scheduled for March.
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