The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I wanna say trial starts March 20th or around that time. I too believe they’ll likely start filming season three January or February so they can have another season with Jen. Even once she’s found guilty there will be a gap between sentencing and starting her sentence which will likely be towards the end of the season.

I also agree casting will need to be on point next season. I’d dump Jennie and look for two really dynamic newbies.
This could have been an incredibly strong 40 minute episode but the extra length made it drag. Like how are we meant to care about Heather's daughter having ex-church friends when she's going off to college next season anyway?

I will say that while she's had the weakest season of the main housewives, Heather taking the initiative to get out of the van and insert herself into the conversation between production and law enforcement was a savvy move.

"Do you think I should call Jen and let her know the cops showed up right after she left?"


Between this and Meredith moving no more than ten degrees left or right for her entire scene with Jennie, Lisa and Meredith continue carrying even when they aren't the focus.

A true juggernaut needs to be introduced for season 3 in order to fill the gap for when she inevitably goes to jail.

Stangies assemble!

Nooo the extra length was needed.
Mary's Italian lunch gave us so much to carry us through to that parking lot.

All the girls gave us something already in that van...
Heather stepping out to get the T from the PoPo
Jennie and Whitney making sure they've backed up on camera that Jen asked her mic to be switched off
Lisa wanting to vomit
I literally cannot wait for next week as it all unfolds. I need it as a three hour special.
I’m obsessed with Meredith…. she has this power where she can say about 5 words an episode and still steal a scene. For example: when the former member of Mary's church was talking to her at the Fresh Wolf event and last episode when Whitney was crying to her at the Italian dinner / when she went back to the table to confront Mary. Screen presence! Star Power! We love her!!!!!
So much happened during this episode that no one's talking about Lisa throwing her kids under the bus for not inviting Jen to her event. And Heather delivering her one shining moment this season by dragging her in the confessional.

"I was extending an olive branch to Whitney" followed by "I'm not defending what my kids did". The world's most incompetent shit-stirrer is keeping us Barstools fed.