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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. "I thought she had a sugar daddy or something"

    Whitney adshgkl

    I think Meredith might know something…

    [Jennie giving absolutely zero shits]

    I thought she had a sugar daddy.

    … that was one of the best episodes of Housewives that has ever aired I am absolutely reeling. The producers must have been creaming themselves when they knew they had the cast locked in a car for three hours when the news broke.
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  3. One of the best episodes ever followed up by a brilliant After Show featuring Jen getting caught in more lies:

    Also, Heather throwing Jen under the bus in this is hilarious given the fact that she’s been her ride or die since the arrest.
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  4. Ah, I see part-time cast member Mary M Cosby skipped out of filming the After Show? Shocker. Seems like she was probably partnered with Meredith and didn't turn up. A theme, I fear.
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  5. Uno


    What on Earth is Jennie wearing on that after-show.
  6. "I sang like a canary..." just sent me over the edge.
  7. Jen makes it hard to feel any sympathy because she lies about things we see on camera. First she gaslit everybody when she went on her early season apology tour and as we see in the After Show, she’s lying about who she was on the phone with—we could see she was on the phone with her husband. Then she lies about the clutch, even though we see video of her assistant walking out with it, not it in a bag. That clutch cost like $2000. You don’t forget to charge something like that. If that were the case she would’ve paid for it, not return it when caught.
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  8. Meredith's casual aside near the end that Jen had to spend more than an hour trying multiple credit cards to get a transaction to go through at her boutique... I'm shaking, ladies.
  9. The 11th hour bomb of the security cam footage of one of Jen's f*gs mopping a clutch from Meredith's shop...

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  10. Just Meredith through out the episode. Like a Bond villian seeing their master plan coming together.
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  11. What a RIDE!!!
    - Jennie sitting there stoney faced and calm as Heather and Lisa sob... Superb.
    - Whitney knows a lot, it is weird.
    - I am shook Stu had a wife and kids
    - the footage of the house raid
    - the amount of snacks in that bus
    - the fact Jen didn't hand herself in!!!
    - Mary being on the phone to her husband and it saying "Dad"
    - Meredith not being surprised and then being in that fucking bathtub completely unbothered, and then explaining how one of the Shah Squad stole a clutch from her shop... we love her the most, she's cementing her centre snowflake for the next three seasons.
    - I'm now sat thinking about those lamb chops on the grill.
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  12. K94


    Lisa's main character syndrome incriminating herself and accidentally spilling Meredith's tea

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  13. Whitney absolutely consulted a lawyer beforehand, she knew.
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  14. Everyone is disturbed over Mary having Robert Sr in her phone as "Dad" but it makes sense to me because that's seemingly the extent of their relationship, him being Robert Jr's Dad dddd
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  15. Either she knew, or the rumors of her husband operating a similar operation are true. Could be a combination of both.
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  16. That was absolutely incredible. One of the best housewives episodes I have ever seen. I was utterly gripped. I have so many thoughts but the overwhelming feeling I am left with is my moms heartbreak at the idea of someone being red flagged at Louis Vuitton.
  17. Whitney was giving me Detective Sutton vibes with her detailed explanation of money-laundering and the kind of fraud Jen engages in. Where is their buddy cop spin-off?
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  19. Can it be next week already?
  20. That was amazing. The best Housewives episode ever!

    Meredith was hilarious. She really does not like Jen. And she is channelling early 90's Belinda Carlisle in her looks.

    Heather is so naive and gullible, I thought it was charming in a odd way.

    The story at the end about Jen leaving Heather's place and being dropped off in the middle on nowhere at midnight was very weird.

    Lisa seems to know stuff, her reaction was the most.
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