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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Dddd not Whitney somehow being the most interesting part of this episode so far. Girl has read some books!
  2. Lisa’s terrible acting skills hahahaha.

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  3. "I mean I thought she had a sugar daddy or something."

    Kii. Whitney can stick around.
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  4. I feel like I'm incapable of understanding fraud. Isn't all business fraud??
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  5. Whew what an episode. I love Meredith’s maniacal laughing. The way she has just come through and went straight to the top. I’m enjoying Jennie more and more too. She is pretty straight forward. Whitney sure seems like she has been researching a lot for awhile. Lisa calling all 100 of her lawyers in a matter of minutes was a hoot.
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  6. THANK YOU! I said this to my husband when season one began and he looked at me like I was crazy!
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  7. Whew, it's going to get so juicy.
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  8. Whitney explaining what she had for breakfast that morning:


    Whitney explaining the logistics of Jen’s business model:

  9. I can’t believe I haven't even watched what sounds like the TV event of year yet. My boyfriend is working in London and has asked me to hold out on watching this weeks episode until he’s back tonight….

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  10. I think Meredith this episode is the best single episode performance from a housewife this year. "Honestly I'm not surprised. It's validation that I was right."

    There were simply too many soundbites to keep track. Honorable mentions to Lisa even without her being the focus.

    "Does she have any mint milanos?"

    "Jen is not in the library with the lead list...but I'd love to be in the kitchen with a glass of Vida."

    Whitney also had an excellent episode, her first truly strong one of the season. I screamed when she deadpanned "she's been arrested, she's going to jail."
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  11. Ddd yes! I feel like there are lots of businesses that run this way but not everyone who runs one is signing up to go on television.
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  12. "How does Whitney know so much about washing money and running a fraudulent business?"


    "It is a little strange."

    How can you not stan this woman?
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  13. I am enjoying Jennie more and more, and the fact she hasn't lost her voice as it all kicks off (like Crystal did in BH) shows me why she's worthy of the snowflake.
  14. The episode gave a lot of credibility to Meredith's claims about Jen at the start of the season which, at the time, I thought were exaggerated and solely linked to the issue with Brooks. It's clear that Jen is extremely dangerous and unstable and a lot of shit has gone down behind the scenes that the cast have kept quiet. Probably out of fear she'll label them as racist, which seems to be her go-to when she's backed to a corner.

    Nene once said that Kim Zolciakkk will tell you a bold faced lie (to your face!) and fully believe what she's saying is the truth. This is true of Jen. Even with the mounting evidence against her and her employee's, she deflects and lashes out. The reunion will be insane, as will the rest of the season. Meredith's probably the only person playing things perfectly and continues to elevate with each passing episode. Thee MVP with Lisus Barlow, of course. I'm ready for Heather to get dragged for standing by Jen.
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  15. Meredith stan card laminated. Finally, someone who's willing to take a stand against Jen. I feel like we needed this energy in Beverly Hills as well.
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  16. I thought that was an odd question as Utah is the capital of pyramid/ponzi schemes.

    Utah had the sixth most Ponzi schemes among all states from 2008 to 2018, despite ranking 31st in population

    They do interact again, maybe just the one time that was in the trailer?

    "Who's calling who a fraud. Love you, baby. Bye"
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  17. Andy wasn’t lying when he said that was one of the best Real Housewives episodes ever. I really didn’t want it to end.

    Next week’s episode preview looked like a midseason trailer as well. We’re being fed and nourished here.
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  18. That second cast trip is going to be one for the history books
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  19. I want a Blu-ray box with a ten hour long uncut version of this episode. Every single second was brilliant and Meredith’s smirk was everything!
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