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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Would Louis Vuitton actually red flag someone for paying cash all the time? I’m sure a lot of people do that.
  2. I feel like yes. For years I worked in luxury hotels and if you had someone paying $5,000-10,000 in cash that is obviously a red flag. For something like Louis Vuitton, you have to think about how expensive things are. If somebody pays $100 for a wallet and paid cash that's one thing, but you could easily have a bill thats $10,000-20,000 and more. Who carries that type of money around?

    Also, for legal reasons (at least in the US) you have to track any cash transactions over $10,000.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I finally watched episode 9 last night and I still haven't recovered.

    Between the fight at the Italian dinner and the cops showing up after Jen left, I'll never be the same.

    "I. Don't. Think. You. Should."

    I want to say I'm stunned at how easily Jen lied about her husband having internal bleeding but it shows what kind of person she is.
  5. It doesn't matter if they do or not, it's entered pop culture that they can and they have, to Jen Shah.
    And we have one woman to thank
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  6. Just to add, essentially they are giving them dirty money and if you go to return it, you get clean cash back. It's a huge red flag and stores/companies take note if someone is constantly using cash as it puts them in potentially bad position carrying dirty money.
  7. Whew the way episodes nine and ten really won me back over. When it's right, it's right. I can't wait for Sunday.
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  8. Sales associates get fired for accepted (too much) dirty money.
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  9. I know it's all about Jen Shah getting arrested but I'm still not over Mary going full sociopath during the Italian cooking class. Her horrific Italian accent paired with her hatred of absolutely everyone around her...insane but captivating to watch.
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  10. Honestly, this trailer is guilty of being Shah-mazing.
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  11. #rubadubdubgetbackinthetub

    Jen vs Meredith at the reunion is going to be something else!
  12. Jen probably submitted that herself nn #istandwithmeredith
  13. Imagine siding with Jen Shah in this feud. Couldn't be me the federal government!
  14. It's on Deuxmoi so it must be true!
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  15. It was fascinating seeing the girls behave in a very un-produced manner on the van ride to Vail. All four of them clearly dropped their "personas" and Whitney's change in demeanor was the most evident to me. It was actually refreshing to see them be so candid with each other. The fourth-wall breaking that has emerged on Housewives over the past two years has been a necessary step forward for the franchise to survive. As I mentioned in the Atlanta thread, self-parody and stepping behind the camera is a great way for the show to evolve past its "former life" of women being pitted against women and the lifestyle porn that is growing increasingly distasteful.

    RHONY used to lead the way for the "sitcom style" but now Potomac appears to be what the other shows are taking cues from (Angie disappearing from her seat in the van, counting Lisa's attorneys etc.)

    Also, it's genuinely hilarious to see Lisa Barlow make Housewives moves straight out of 2009 while the other girls watch in shock and horror at it all. Queen!
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  16. Never trust a narcissist like Jen, she probably submitted it herself.
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  17. Meredith in that 7 minutes completely carried. She is stepping up so much this season and I'm obsessed.
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  18. God I love Meredith, I cannot wait until Sunday night. Heather is ... a bit delusional, so quick to jump on Jen Shah's sinking boat.
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