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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Meredith just continues to confirm her seat next to Andy at the reunion....
    And she'd be brave enough to bring a lost of her victims to the taping.
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  2. It's so satisfying (after being subjected to Beverly Hills) to see someone categorically draw a line in the sand under someone's behaviour. This energy was missing with Erika but I'm so pleased at least Meredith, Lisa and Mary are not here for someone defrauding vulnerable people.

    Heather's about to come out of this season looking like a whole clown. We know she has her ear to the ground when it comes to fan reaction so.. get ready girl.
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  3. The thing is, if they had given Sutton her diamond at the start of filming and not at the end, I think in parts she would have gone stronger.
    Job insecurity played a lot onto how it went down
  4. I stan Meredith but any HW that says they refuse to be around another is bad for the show
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  5. But, have we had a Housewife who has been hunted down by the Feds (on camera) for defrauding the elderly and vulnerable before?

    If Jen was my real friend, I'd take a huge step back? No?
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  6. Rumours are that Jen and Mary are not returning for the next season because of legal issues. The Real Housebears who know Jen and Heather IRL talked about it on their podcast. They were hanging out with Jen playing piano and singing Phantom Of The Opera the night she was at Heathers and got out of the Uber at an intersection...

    I guess that is why they started casting for the next season unusually early?

    They also had Jennie as a guest on the latest episode and after listening I like her a lot more now. She seemed more real than she has on the show, but maybe that is just first year nerves.
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  7. If Mary and Jen are out then so am I! The other ladies are too boring to carry it, unless they get some amazing newbies.
  8. I can totally see Mary not returning after the cult stuff, but I feel like Jen will do one more season (before Going Away dd)

    They do need to find some decent newbies, and the optics of losing 2 WOC will not be great, but I think Lisa, Mer, Whitney and Heather are a great core - especially if Lisa leans more into the villain role.
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  9. Lisa and Meredith are on the fast track to being some of my favorite housewives ever after two seasons so I think we'll be fine without Mary or Jen.

    Adding Angie when Mary leaves is an easy fix.
  10. Mary was always going to be a two season wonder. That was obvious from the off. They’ll need bring in two antagonists, literally the worst of the worst, to replace those two.
  11. It's Salt Lake City, we need some Sister Wives.
  12. Duy is that you?
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  13. Stuart is flipping on Jen as we speak.
  14. To quote the poet laureate Miss Petty Maraj, first they love you, then they switch.
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  15. That scene from episode 9 of him telling Jen that he has her back no matter what...chef's kiss.
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  16. Update: he's pled guilty. Jen's going to have to change her plea or else she's in shit street.
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  17. If it's not Jen and Meredith seated right next to Andy for the reunion, I'm suing Bravo.
  18. It HAS to be surely.

    Mary - Lisa - Meredith - Andy - Jen - Heather - Whitney - Jennie

    Something like that surely.
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  19. After how they shafted Sutton during the Beverly Hills reunion I’m fully expecting Heather to be seated next to Andy, spending half the reunion talking about her journey leaving the Mormon church for the second year in a row.
  20. … Will Jen be able to attend the reunion?
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