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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I’m sure they’ll plan to film the reunion prior to her court date, so she’ll be able to appear. Most likely they’ll have to film it in Utah because she can’t leave the state unless it’s to visit her lawyers in New York.
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    This may be a stupid question but aren't the reunions usually filmed in the cities they are set in? ie. Housewives of New York in New York, Housewives of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills etc.? So wouldn't it automatically be filmed in Utah?
  3. Nope. They sometimes do them elsewhere. The first season of Salt Lake was filmed in New York.
  4. Aren’t the Potomac reunions filmed in NYC or is that just a COVID related thing.
  5. Potomac last year and this year were filmed in NYC, last years Atlanta reunion was filmed in NYC, etc. Seems like it’s COVID protocols?
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  6. 34099654-DE13-4-D77-93-D2-BD4-A66356-B13.jpg
  7. Meredith completely dominated this episode, but her defense of Mary fleecing her church members on WWHL was not it.
  8. This was exactly how I felt. Selling his house and giving 300k (or was it 30k?) to Mary’s church… and comparing it to donating to a charity…. Was definitely not it.
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  9. Mary nuking Whitney’s potentially contaminated eggs… I love these women.
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  10. The producers adding police sirens to beginning of Jen's only scene this episode was giving me Nene visiting Kenya ffff.
  11. Why did Mary even show up? She doesn't like any of these women and it feels like they're all scared of her, so just stay home in your closet.
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    What are you tryeeng to say, Leeeesahhh............?
  13. It's so funny (and confounding) that Meredith is so on the mark with the Jen stuff and bizarrely, stoutly defensive of Mary's church stuff. I would not have expected her to become this iconic from Season 1, Episode 1.
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  14. Even Jen does not believe the explanation she gave about the phone call.
  15. Mary being a buzzkill the entire trip. This is ya'lls best guy?? This is your girl?? Let's hope she plays ball next week when these accusations start coming at her.

    In other news, where's the mid season trailer?
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  16. Yes, I'd much rather an hour of Whitney and her friends taking shots from the shot ski and laughing together!

    Mary drove me insane yesterday and it was good television.
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  17. I was watching this exact scene whilst reading this. It felt like a multi dimensional experience. I love that.
  18. So is Jen saying the FBI rang her, pretending to be the hospital, asked her to leave her current location, so they could show up 10 mins later to arrest her and she wont be there?

  19. My jaw DROPPED when Lisa BLURTED out Cameron's tea at the end of the episode like that.
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