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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Ok but I will need Meredith to come around and stop justifying it
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  2. Everything GOOD starts with a B!! Barlows, Berries and BACON!!!
  3. 10 minutes into the new episode, Meredith is everything.
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  4. Mary Cosby had a perfect episode. What's not to love?
  5. Mary microwaving Whitney's egg was my favourite part of the episode.
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  6. I still don't feel like we would have much if it weren't for Jen and Mary generating conflict.
    But, I'm grateful they are absolutely horrible people "<3."
    Also I hope I never have to hear Heather mention tHE mOrMOn FaItH!! during season 3.
  7. - Lisa seemed genuinely distressed at the start of the episode.
    - Obsessed with Jen having a burner phone to troll the other Ladies.
    - "So are you going to visit her in prison?"
    - I wonder if Jen invested in Beauty Lab?
    - Some of the Ladies barely touched their lamb chops, fuming
    - Not Mary recooking her egg
    - Lisa making sure we have a strong B-Plot to get us through the last half of the season.
    - Jen protesting her innocence onscreen, the same week her co-conspirstor turns on her.
    - Mary turning into Gollum as she talks to herself

    So much to unpack this week
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  8. Of course Heather's releasing a book about being a Mormon and leaving the church, suddenly this all makes sense.
  9. "Okay but when does it go from being a good friend to being incredibly stupid?"

    "Who else spells 'bcuz' like that? Only Jen Shah."

    Another incredible episode for Lisa Barlow!
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  10. There’s so much off camera mess between these women. Like Whitney on the After Show saying Jen and Lisa have had bots created to troll her online. Like why hasn’t she brought this up to them on the show?!

    I think Lisa is going to have another stellar reunion though, because from the looks of it she’ll have Jen, Mary, Whitney, Heather and to a lesser extent Meredith bringing up their issues with her.

    EDIT: Oh apparently these were Whitney’s failed printer receipts at the last reunion. But watch the After Show, this shit is juicy:

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  11. For some reason I have missed the after shows?! Either way, fantastic.

    Overall, my top fav housewives are Whitney and Meredith... Though the latter dismissing the Mary/'s Church concerns is a bit of a disappointment, especially when she was so tough on Jen.

    Lisa I am here for the drama and delivery, but I'm not a fan of Jennie at all; re: her thoughts about hiring an investigator and her trying to say it's rude to assume Jen is guilty (even after the feds are there to get her).
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  12. Agreed. Queen Marks is in danger of looking hypocritical with the Jen/Mary situation...
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  13. Lisa and Meredith's scene outside on the patio feels like something I dreamt up on edibles.
  14. Yeah, Jennie is way off with her talking points about Jen and Meredith, almost frustratingly so.
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  15. Everything that comes out of Lisa's mouth is iconic this episode:

    "We look like Christmas hookers! Okay, lemme see you walk."

    "Everything good is with a B, BARLOW, BERRIES AND BACON."




    Edit: I swear I didn't see Roey's & Johnny’s posts before posting this, OMG twinsies!
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  16. Meredith is starting to look worse than hypocritical.

    She is defending Mary by saying that religious donations are perfectly fine and normal.

    Yes, maybe if you have $40 million in the bank and $300,000 donation/tax break would not be a big deal.

    But for a young man in his 20's to mortgage his house to give Mary $300,000, when she already owns 7-8 houses, a church, etc is not okay. It is exploitation and greed. It's hypocritical and disappointing.

    Why defend Mary's unethical and immoral behaviour, but judge Jen's every move, even after admitting you don't have 100% proof to back up your claims.
  17. RHOSLC is fast becoming my current favourite franchise. My Mondays are a delight.
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  18. I love Meredith being a hypocrite. Give me those layers Ice Queen!

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  19. If Meredith Marks says that’s how you pronounce coerced then who are we to argue?
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  20. When Meredith cut through Heather’s bullshit with “Can we talk about the hundreds of lives she has ruined?”…

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