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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Meredith really went from occasionally DISENGAGING last season to endlessly ENGAGING this season from the first episode itself…

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  2. Uhm, we're not getting a new episode this week?!
  3. They're using the time slot for Porsha's spin-off. Bravo is evil.
  4. Suddenly I remember how much I hate Porsha.
  5. Opening up Hayu to see no new episode has been uploaded

  6. We don't love that, do we girlies?
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  7. The Hulu doc is something else..... this chick is certifiable.
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  8. The title of the Hulu doc, a cig was doing the most.
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  9. I don’t really care for Jennifer Lawrence but I did scream at her dragging Jen Shah out of nowhere nn.
  10. A clip from the documentary popped up on Tik Tok and not Dana Wilkey scamming her way into this one too!

  11. The Jen Shah documentary was much more uneventful than the Erika one, but them getting the dress designer that Jen screamed at (and threw a chili bowl at) was an absolute scream.
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  12. Dana’s only connection to Jen being that she shared Jen’s Linkedin to her Instagram once.
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  13. It should’ve been titled The Shahmazing Scammer.

    The doc was shit. Not them getting the designer but the tea was stale. They should’ve gotten Stu. KASKSJD
  14. The way Jen Shah has zero redeeming qualities... like not one... that's talentry. Even Danielle Staub you kinda felt sorry for despite her hellish ways.
  15. I'm going to miss Jennifer Shah's reign of terror once she has to depart the show but I will not miss Heather's forced and fake devotion to her. It gives me Lisa Rinna sociopath teas.
  16. “Depart the show”?!

    Just say:


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  17. The way the Southern District of New York has a 99% conviction rate and judges there typically enforce serving full terms for sentences...If you ask me, that's the last we'll see of Denise Richards Jennifer Shah.
  18. But imagine how iconic it'll be seeing her walk out of prison during the season 12 premiere!
  19. More like season 22 premiere Dddd. Broadcast directly to the Amazon MindCube, implant yours TODAY!
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  20. She’ll be on Beyond Scared Straight or Jailbirds.
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