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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Peacock has a pretty big True Crime section. Maybe they’ll follow her in prison. Sad thing is, she acts so crazy she probably couldn’t keep herself out of solitary long enough to film an episode.
  2. Honestly, it’s what she deserves after years of scamming the vulnerable and elderly while she led a “lavish” life “buying” all that designer shit and throwing five figure parties.
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  3. Love After Lockup.
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  4. Please there’s no love. I’ve always felt Coach is cheating on her. Just a feeling. Allegedly, just like Jen’s innocence.
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  5. You think that…. hēr Cœüsîns are afraid of her? That they have a certain level of….FĘ-ÉÆR?
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  6. "You're always on some kind of wine, somebody's always driving you home."


  7. Not Heather saying "blind allegiance to friendships is not healthy"!!!!! Mary's comment about always being on some kind of wine! Oh my god, this season never stops giving!!
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  8. That mid-season trailer was great, I'm shaking.
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  9. “I pray to god you’re guilt… you’re innocent.”

    Love everything about that mid-season trailer. Meredith please keep spilling!
  10. This looks incredible! These are my mothers!
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  11. Oh my god, we're in for a crazy 2nd half.

    Jen trying to fight Lisa?
    Jennie earning her cheque throwing a glass at Mary and threatening her?
    Meredith setting fire to the rain on... everyone?
  12. Uno


    My mouth was agape for that entire trailer - this is incredible! Glad the girls aren't letting Jen get all the air-time this time around.
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  13. Can't wait for the debut of SLC's own Harry Dubin. . . Who could very much be actual the actual Harry Dubin.
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  14. "Guys if you get lost just look for the Louis Vuitton tread."

    Lisa Barlow providing as many soundbites in a single season as peak New York, I love my mom.
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  15. Edu


    Jennie throwing that glass at Mary...
    Leave this kind of anger to someone like Jen, not everybody needs to have THAT unhinged energy. And you could hurt Mary with simple words like "you don't even have a congregation!".
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  16. Jennie serving Melegend Gorgeous creating fairytales and fallacies for storylines
  17. The way bad weather is barely in the trailer! We did it little Barlows!
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  18. We still have big moments left from the first trailer and they gonna scalp us like that?! Lord, I don’t think I can prepare myself to the shit show this reunion is about to be!
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