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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. ITS ALL TRUE!!!!

  2. Season 2 can't come fast enough!!!

    The thought of Andy laughing hysterically and dancing around his living room in glee is keeping me going.
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  3. I need to see Mary's reaction this. NEED.

  4. Not her looking like a Mortal Kombat character
  5. Screaming
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  6. This being perfectly timed for the show to explode in popularity with season 2. Hope they rush it out.
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  7. If Jen is arrested this early in filming........she isn't going to feature for the rest of the season?

    Won't that derail things a little.

    And wow, why do corrupt people who gain money by illegal activities still decide that going on a reality TV show is a good idea?
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  8. It doesn't appear she isn't able to film based on the conditions of her bail. She just can't travel outside of Utah.
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  9. They filmed the cast talking to the cops?? Mary's gonna be like, "She went that way."
  10. This mess is awesome. SLC is just such an awesome franchise.
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  11. The braids. Girl.
  12. But she's bLAck iN UTaH.
  13. She will have to be very careful what she says on the show and how she behaves now, because people will be watching every word/move.
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  14. There’s talk that there were undercovers in her glam squad. Undercover glam. A well thought out sting operation I’m screaming!
  15. Jen really came in narcissistic enough to think that she would be an iconic, universally-adored Housewife only to be roundly disliked and subsequently arrested for a scam she thought everyone else was too dumb to catch onto...all in front of the cameras. The dramatic irony.
  16. Undercover GLAM SQUAD, coming this fall only on Bravo.

  17. Lisa, Whitney and Heather were all together in the van?
  18. I just listened to a podcast this morning and the hosts were meeting up with Heather and she bought Jen along with it seems that Jen and Heather are okay again.

    I wonder if the other cast mates knew about these shady schemes and how it will effect friendships?

    Mary to Jen season two: "You smell like prison."
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  19. This is gonna be the storyline that elevates this show from great to god-tier. I'm so excited for next season.
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