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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

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  2. The ladies were preparing to go to Vail, but Jen was actually going to jail.

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  3. This messy queen dddd

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  4. Jen calling her FBI-informant glam squad from jail:
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  5. Okay I’m back on the Brooks train after that video! I just can’t believe the level of iconic we’re going to receive this fall when this premieres. I know Bravo is feeling much better about having to pull RHOC now. I could see this becoming the highest rated Bravo HWs show with this storyline.

    My question for you guys, do you think Jen is going to complete filming? According to insiders there’s 6-8 weeks of filming left. She’ll be free so and the terms of her release don’t prevent her from it. She’ll also likely need her Bravo paycheck more than ever. On the other hand, a smart person wouldn’t continue filming. All I know is that they’re going to have one hell of a trailer when the time comes!
  6. I was thinking about this, and I think she will complete the season. It's not like she's going to end up in jail before the season wraps filming - or even before the reunion - because we're probably still months away from a trial. Given that Housewives is now probably her sole way of paying for legal fees, I think Jen will stick around. Whether Bravo let her go at the end of season 2 is to be determined, but maybe if she takes a plea deal she could return to the show once released (assuming it lasts that long.)

    She's also under contract and doesn't need another legal situation so if nothing else, she'll probably phone-in scenes to make her look like a victim and that'll be that.

    Since Heather and Jen made up, I think the only two cast members left who would want to dig dirt on Jen/expose her are Whitney and Meredith, but Meredith is too disengaged and Whitney *allegedly* runs an MLM so I don't see her wanting to get too messy.
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  7. The way the audience was all of our reactions.
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  9. The way this just gets better and better.
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  10. Mary has released a statement

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  11. This really has been one of the funniest, more exhilarating 24 hours in HW fandom in a long time! The fact that it came out of nowhere, has had this slow drip of juicier, more extreme information (undercover glam! the cast filmed talking to cops!), and has provided the best social media commentary.

    For some reason Jen Shah is absolutely the most hysterical person for this to be happening to, especially coming off her unhinged season and also her leaks of her screaming at her staff.
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  12. We really might be blessed with footage of Lisa Barlow and Mary Cosby being interviewed by FBI agents next season...

  13. OH MY GOD, I have dozens of these calls and voicemails from over the years and didn't even realize that was her voice
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  14. I'm...kinda stanning???
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  15. Her Teresa era is here!

    Didn’t she post a tweet before the show launched saying Teresa walked so she could run? DDDD
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  16. What a crazy moment in housewives history!
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  17. A housewives getting arrested and (at least from what I read) they caught it on camera?

    I definitely need to start SLC.
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  18. Edu


    We all kinda knew this but still... What a mess.

    Jen Shah’s house—the infamous ‘Shah Ski Chalet’—is an alleged fraud, too
    “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jen Shah was arrested on Tuesday for alleged money laundering and defrauding hundreds of elderly people in a telemarketing scam. But her alleged victims weren’t the only ones getting faked out — so were Bravo fans.
    However, the $3.9 million Salt Lake City rental she grandly passed off as the “SHAH SKI CHALET” actually never belonged to Shah, The Post has learned. Instead, the 9,420-square-foot home featured on the show is owned by the Texas-based real estate rental company, Univesco Inc., which is under the limited liability company RJW Capital Investors. Yes, it was (GASP!) a rental: Property records discovered by The Post reveal Univesco Inc. has owned the home since 2014.
    But there was even gossip in the housewives’ inner circle: On a Feb. 12, 2020, episode of “Weekly Dose of B.S.,” hosted by “The Real Housewives of Dallas” star Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, Redmond revealed that she knew someone from the “RHOSLC” was renting. “I do know that one of those ladies is renting a house,” ginger-maned Redmond teased ominously. “I don’t know [who it is] because I don’t know the cast but I do know that one of them is a renter because they’re renting some friends of mine’s home.”

    Shah reacted in her signature over-the-top style to Redmond’s comments on Instagram — after a helpful fan page shared an audio clip of her comments. “Is this what everyone is getting their g-string up their a** about bcuz their irrelevant [sic]? Or is it bcuz they wish they could afford to pay the rent plus own 4 other homes and have an apt in NYC?” Shah wrote in the comment section of a now-deleted Instagram post at the time. In a later post, she continued to wax poetic: “You want to come for me with your red hair and bulls–t, come harder honey. You’re about to get a taste of SHAH SQUAD and I don’t mess around. PERIODT.” Note: The Post could find no documentation to substantiate Shah’s claims of owning four other properties and an apartment in New York City.
    However, off of reality TV, and in actual reality, Shah’s longtime home is located in Sandy, Utah, which she owned with her husband, University of Utah football coach Sharrieff Shah, 50, from 2004 until she sold it at a loss in June 2020. They initially purchased the home for only $302,069. It eventually sold for $213,000. Currently, records indicate that Shah and her husband are renting an approximately $8,000-a-month Park City space — which sorta resembles a mini-me of her TV home — that they moved into shortly after selling their 16-year home.

    Now I wanna see Lisa Barlow's real house too.
  19. Me walking into this thread past two days.
  20. Camille voice Jen's house is *chuckle* RENTED.
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