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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. asjdlkjslhdfjkasd BYE
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  2. Okay if she’s posting stuff like this she’ll definitely keep filming if they let her. No shame at all! Getting a silk press before she goes to court lmao.
  3. K94


    Convenient timing to take out the box braids - going from "black in Utah!!1" to Jennifer straight from the Caucasus Mountains.
  4. For those who miss the court hearing:

    - she pled not guilty on both counts.
    - her legal team tried to stop her from having to pay bail.
    - Jen can be released on a $1million bond and must pay 250k in cash or property in the next two weeks.
    - 2 financially responsible people must co sign that 250k
    - the judge considers her to be a “significant flight risk”.
    - The judge requested her passport but the passport from her home raid was expired.
    - She is prevented from travelling outside of the state unless it is to NYC or DC for court.
    - She claims to have $0 in her bank account to which the judge said “that seems very unlikely”.
    - when the judge was asking if she had the assets to pay bond her lawyer said that she owns no properties and rents.
    - the judge has cut her previously set 10k purchase allowance to 5k (excluding legal payments).
    - her trial is set to commence October this year.

    I managed to get on the court call and it was WILD.
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  5. They need to pull a Jersey and film RHOSLC consecutively for seasons 2 and 3 so we get absolutely all of the court drama.
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  6. I’m FINALLY getting caught up on this and Mary spent more time in the closet than I did. Like... why doesn’t she do anything with the girls? You can’t sign up for a show and hide in your grandpa-husbands house the whole time because you don’t like a cast mate.
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  7. I'm going to need a scene where the gherls visit her in prison.
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  8. Those are pick up scenes when they switched production companies and decided Mary should be a full time HW instead of a friend. It was either that or have her disappear for half a season. She’ll be filming normally this year and is currently on the cast trip with them.
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  9. Oh interesting! Good to know! Thanks!
  10. Jen is doubling down, and thanked her Instagram followers for supporting her and "not believing the hype"?? She claims to be innocent. More importantly, when asked if she'd be filming the rest of the season she said "Absolutely." The way we won girls!

    There will also be a new cast member for season 2:

  11. Whitney girl those extensions....or wig....whatever it is....
  12. I’ve held off weighing in because it’s just been too much to process. I can’t wait to see how they handle this. It’s sounding like Jen would love to keep filming, and we know these women won’t keep quiet about it, but I’d imagine her lawyers would want her to stay silent for the foreseeable future. I also hope the van footage all gets used, but I wonder if it will all be admitted into evidence/there’s no way agents signed releases, so I feel like legally, it won’t be able to be used.

    Regardless, I knew I was right for stanning Jen all this time. I feel liberated.

    Do we know if the women did in fact still go on their trip?
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  13. The girls did go on the trip, Meredith, Heather, Lisa and Mary have been spotted out there. I’m so hyped the next season!
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  14. It's crazy to see such a Housewives classic in the making.
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  15. I’m so happy we’ll get to live through this (mess) together
  16. Our housewives threads could become as legendAric as the BBUK thread

  17. A new AZN housewife representation on RHOSLC? I love to see it!
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  18. Not me seeing someone in the park wearing this tracksuit and thinking it was a Brook Marks’.

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  19. Apparently Whitney thought that the FBI agents surrounding the van the cast were in to hunt down and arrest Jen were fucking strippers fffff.
  20. Bad Weather have been hanging out and filming with Jen.
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