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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Why did that one scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come to mind when reading this?

    I'm ready for this.
  2. I don't know how to say this but I would kill for Lisa? I'm obsessed with everything about her.
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  3. I'm tempted to pop into Whitney's corner for this season since she's a little short on stans but it's impossible for my gay heart to be torn from Meredith Marks.

    I will be continuing to stan Lisa and that new tag line just confirms I'm still not sure whether it's ironic or not.
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  4. I’m just howling at even the IDEA that the butterfly effect of Jen getting busted by the feds for fraud started because she flashed her vagina to the wrong faggot. You can’t make this shit up.
  5. Imagine if Brooks grassed her up to the Feds to secure himself a spot on that reunion sofa
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  6. I find it odd they keep asking who told them where Jen was…so you really think the feds need help?! She got arrested at work! The production company could’ve told them, the tracker on her phone, etc. This investigation is over two years old.

    I hope that part of the story ends up resolved.
  7. Okay but can you imagine if your friend/colleague dipped out like that and the feds started banging on your door? That clip gave me so much anxiety nn.
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  8. Louder for the flops in the Beverly Hills, Whitney.
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  9. "You don't häavę to LIKE me...Ilovemyselfeno-
  10. I am rewatching the first season as prep for Sunday and god it is a really great cast, but I especially love Meredith, Lisa and dare I say Whitney?

    "If I give you a Chanel necklace and you choke on it, that's your problem, not mine."

    I am hoping that more comes to light Re: Mary, there's something so suspicious about her church and her family. Is her "husband" the brother of the horrible comedian?
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  11. Nope, just a shared last name (although Google has accidentally labeled them as relatives). Stuff I've seen on Reddit & in here is enough to convince me that her church is at the very least cult-adjacent and corrupt as hell. Seems like Lisa will be putting it all out there this season.
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  12. Okay, that's what I thought – I saw someone mention it on another website but couldn't find any information linking them outside of Google.

    I cannot wait until Sunday!

    Edit: I am also going down the rabbithole known as Reddit re: Mary, her husband and her church... whew.
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  13. Scream. I’m obsessed, ascend queen!

  14. That laugh at the end. I’m laminating my stan card.
  15. I keep going back to Mary and Lisa's taglines.

    Lisa's delivery is up there with Dorinda's I'M NOT ALWAYS RIGHT but I'm never wrong
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  16. I love my disengaged mom.
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  17. I unironically love the way Meredith tilts and jerks her head while speaking out of one corner of her mouth. ICON!!!
  18. The way it took me until the second season to get into RHONY and I was enthralled with RHOSLC from the first episode. Legendary.
  19. I just finished my season 1 rewatch, I am ready and I cannot wait for tonight.
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  20. Mary is…terrifying.
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