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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I get where Meredith was coming from but I had to scream at the insinuation that Jen had outed Brooks.
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  2. The way Meredith was like "Specifically one where he was called a twink."

    I stan Meredith.
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  3. It's the first 5 minutes and they've already had Lisa say "I love that" 4 times, and some of them were the same soundbite. The editors are evil.
  4. Meredith and Lisa just radiate C.U.N.T so much. They’d be enough to carry a cast but with the added thrill of Mary’s cult, Jen on the run from the FBI and Bad Weather, we’re going to win this year girls.

    The one scene Jennie was in was great. I can’t believe she called her husband a butter face on national television. And her story of how she got to America was really interesting and shocking, but she had such a sense of humour about it when she was telling this story. I really like her.
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  5. Mary admitting talking to herself and mannequins.. Some things make sense.
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  6. Meredith engaging from the very first episode...I'm obsessed.
  7. I feel like I hardly ever understand a single sentence that comes out of Mary's mouth.. like nothing she says is ever coherent.

    Surprisingly, I found Jen's scene with Lisa to be one of the more interesting parts of the episode. It's hard to know if anything Jen says is true but it felt genuine in that moment.
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  8. Bad Weather trying to gaslight Meredith in that lunch against Lisa The Dark Queen of Salt Lake City.


    Also, what is Meredith wearing at that dinner? I am ironically obsessed with the sleeve.
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  9. Honestly...I would like to see it.
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  10. Privaledged Twinks Unite
  11. Mary telling the male pastor to be quiet so that she could cry about Jesus properly...her mind!
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  12. I love Meredith's confessional look where she's wearing Animal from the Muppets.
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  13. I had SUCH secondhand anxiety thinking about cooking with a white sleeve like that, oh my god.
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  14. Mary's entire confessional about friendship juice is one of the most precarious, slightly unhinged confessionals in recent memory. "That's not a juice, that's a choice."

    This is Meredith's season. I appreciate that she saw an opening and is keeping the momentum from the reunion going.

    Lisa's "I would LOVE a Diet Coke" complete with tucking her hair behind her ear when offered one at Jennie's house...a branding mastermind.

    It was a great premiere and I feel absolutely spoiled to have this and Potomac airing on the same night each week, but I'm thirsty for them to really dive into the Jen case.
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  15. I grew up with a bunch of Vietnamese folks whose parents escaped by boat, so I'm excited to learn more about Jennie. I feel like it's a story we've never seen on TV, bar Hey Arnold.
  16. Even Lisa's face screams camp.
    For real though, how is she not thee gay icon of the cast? Of course the gays chose Heather to stan for.
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  17. According to Heather.
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  18. The premiere pulled in 810,000 overnight viewers, which is higher than any episode from Season 1.
  19. Just came to post that, the network must be thrilled. Would be amazing if they were able to climb as the season progresses like we've seen with Beverly Hills and Potomac.
  20. I just got around to watching this and Whitney saying she knew she had to taper off her weed smoking when she got so high she thought she was watching a movie about herself is the most relatable thing any of these women have ever said.
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