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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. We need Hosuewives + Blunts presented by Daddy Mo and Whitney
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  2. It's heating up
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  3. Jennie has potential.

    I’m starting to think if any other cities eased into season two so quickly to become this ICONIQUE? Not everyone has that.

    The cast is great, it’s just that maybe I feel like Mary sometimes still feels like she’s the outcast from the group.

    The editors are doing the most and I’m living. We are at peak Housewives entertainment with RHOBH + RHOP + RHOSLC running concurrently. The ciggies stay winning.
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  4. "The Daily Beast"

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  5. I really don't care for Mary.
  6. That’s part of her appeal.
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  8. It was a blink you'll miss it moment but in that premiere episode when the cameraman focused on Mary eating that salad or whatever was HIGH-larious. They were shady as fuck.
  9. I love that Mary is finally allowed out of her closet & that the moment she arrives for her first group scene at a restaurant, she makes it perfectly clear she just wants to return to said closet to kiki with the mannequin heads instead.
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  10. Those are her real friends.
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  12. I am watching the reunion and heather and lisa screaming at each other whilst andy is scrolling on his phone and not paying attention thinking they’re on break is peak comedy
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  13. One of my all time favourite Reunion moments

    Also, if this is even half true

    Rise Queen Marks
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  14. Ok but we need Jen on the show so can she go to prison for only a little bit.
  15. I don’t wanna get too ahead of ourselves, but I do wonder how they move forward when Jen gets what is sure to be a multi year sentence. Even if they get footage prior to her leaving, will she finally film at her real home or rent another mansion?

    And when she’s gone I wonder who they replace her with. They need to start casting now because she won’t be easy to replace.
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  17. What a great premiere.
  18. Imagine all of this came about just because Jen Shahmazing flashed her punani (allegedly) to a privileged twink.

    We are E N G A G E D.
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  19. A lot of layers to unpack in this one:

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  20. Only a twink would say that.
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