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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Mary telling that story in front of the kids and then saying how glad she was to be there was hilarious.
  2. Truly unhinged energy. I’m enjoying her more this season though.
  3. Yeah the season has been a bit lowkey so far, but I’m still enjoying the cast so much that it doesn’t really bother me. Plus we’re gonna get Jen fleeing the feds AND Sag Queen Lisa Vida Tequila investigating a cult soon, so…
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  4. Does Mary like anyone on this show? Dead.
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  5. Mary is the definition of "Don't start none, won't be none." She's a rare housewife that never talks about anyones husband, kids or business and she's seemed open to friendship with everybody. Even feud she's had has been because someone comes at her. She won't start the drama, but she will definitely finish it.

    From what I've gathered her only friends in the cast seem to be Meredith and Jen. I guess the truce between Jen and Mary really worked.
  6. I think the brief spat of Lisa - Whitney and Meredith’s “projection, deflecting and lying!!!” are good moments so far. I am content with watching the girls mingling and setting up relationships before shit hits the fans.
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  7. ...couldn't they have just edited out Jennie from this season? What purpose does she serve?
  8. The producers are very lucky that Jen is a felon because from the looks of it they had absolutely nothing to work with before her arrest.

    Also hi girls, this is my first post in a housewives thread but I've been slowly getting into them over the past year thanks to my boyfriend who is a huge housewives stan and now I'm fully indoctrinated and ready to join the party.
  9. We welcome you Baby
  10. I think this season has already been amazing. This week's episode was a bit weak but it was still cute. It is setting up for next week's Lisa/Whitney and wrapping up the Brooks/Jen storyline (maybe).
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  11. Whitney should abandon any hope for friendship with Lisa and just ice her and shade her back.

    The whole Jen/Brooks meet up just made me home of phobic. The white twink-ness of it allllllllllll.
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  12. I think Jennie is fine. Her husband is utter trash and keeps showing his ass with the continuation of each episode.

    This season is slow but it’s okay so far not boring. We really didn’t need that guys night scene and confessionals - that was a very weird choice? I felt like that entire “story” could’ve been summed in a flashback.

    Mary continues to steal every scene she’s in. I was even entertained when she made cookies. I honestly don’t know a better housewife. There’s just something about her that keeps me tuned in even while she’s fucking cracking eggs for two seconds: ONE CHICKADEE! TWO CHICKADEE! Dddd
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  13. “What a waste of a Gucci outfit.”

    Mary’s story about the car driver dying followed by a quick dance and then “wear your seatbelt.”
  14. Just caught up on this week's episode and I'm still processing Mary telling that story. Truly unhinged and I live for it.
  15. Mary kinda carried that episode.. Jennie is a bit like an extra but she's still likeable, so I'm giving her a soft pass.
  16. Meredith sitting on her phone while Jen and Brooks played like two method actors trying not to break character was the definition of camp.

    Whitney was my Season 1 fave but I'm with Lisa in this feud. This episode Whitney was basically talking in circles and it came across like she was holding onto the grudge for the sake of storyline.
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  17. I enjoyed Whitney during season 1 as well but she is just so lame this year. She tries very hard to be the cool one but Lisa and Meredith are effortlessly weird and cool.

  18. We love a crossover event, don't we Hens
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  19. I feel like we're *supposed* to be siding with Whitney but she's so inarticulate and smug compared to Lisa's pure camp and top-tier housewifery that she just comes off as irritating and immature.
  20. It's giving "Carole ('straight man') vs Aviva (soap-opera, camp icon)" redux vibes, but Whitney lacks Carole's wit to make it feel interesting.
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