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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. This season is fun so far and I'm enjoying it, I think people were expecting DRAMA out of the gate but I think the pacing of the b-plots have been very watchable, with some easter eggs for Jen scattered for good measure.
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  2. Mmm Mary's being a little bit too honest in these confessionals.
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  3. I've been hesitant to judge Duy too harshly, but that was wild. I'd consider divorcing him even if he was just saying it for the cameras.
  4. This was a really strong episode for me? Granted I fully invested in Lisa Barlow Supremacy and this was her week.

    I had watched the preview for the dinner but whew the full thing was classic Housewives. That type of meticulous reputation scrubbing is Bethenny levels of neurotic and Lisa doesn't have the vernacular to paint herself as sympathetic the way Ms. Frankel was able to, unfortunate for her public perception but great for courting favor with the gays!

    Meredith was at her most low key this episode but I'm deeply obsessed with her tennis lerk. Her and Mary playing tennis really captured that 'parody of Housewives' energy @sexercise clocked in here, and I think the more they lean into it the better? Mary's rice confessional could only happen on this installment, her scenes always feel truncated and dense as hell in equal measure.

    The way Angie has provided more content and storylines through her one episode so far than Heather has across both seasons now...production may need to consider a shuffling of snowflakes.
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  5. The way Angie Sarah Paulson is back next episode too.. yaaaasSsSsSSsd
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  6. I’m good with Meredith taking a break before she carries the rest of the season calling out Jen once that hits.

    I kind of lived for Whitney calling out the set up and then towards the end of the dinner, she was wasted.

    Mary was sublime this week. Her confessionals were like mind blowingly honest. Also is next week the start of Lisa vs Mary?

    Fuck with Meredith and she’ll put you in jail. Fuck with Lisa and she’ll make sure everyone knows you run a cult.
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  7. Mary vs Lisa and Jennie?


  8. The best two minutes of the show so far this season, this is more like it!!!
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  9. Mary after bickering with Lisa for not taking everything she says as gospel: You're so sensitive, you need to toughen up.
    Mary after Jennie says fuck once: watch your language, don't swear at me.

    And that is exactly why I can enjoy Mary from afar, but will never stan.

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  10. I'm loving Mary more this season, almost too honest and off the wall. I don't think she is a good person though.

    Jennie is coming across a little inauthentic.
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  11. Mary is definitely not a good person. But she’s entertaining and is housewife material. I mean she’s so messy that we don’t even care if she films with the ladies LOL.
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  12. It’s crazy his Mary and Jen carry this show! Without them this franchise would be a snooze fest.

    I hope Mary sends Jesus on Jennie and Lisa! Jennie wasn’t even in this so I don’t know why she told her to shut the F up. I’m glad Mary checked her ass for that. If she’s having a bad day because her husband wants a sister wife, don’t take that out on Sister Mary!
  13. Knowing that Lisa retaliates by interviewing a member of her cult on camera fghmreghcrsg.
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  14. This season is good I'm sawry! It's still entertaining and the slow buildup is very enjoyable knowing what we're in for later in the season. Heather will need to do something soon though.. It's giving fired.
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  15. A meet and greet at a NYC strip club, I cannot.
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  16. But I would 100% go

  17. "Everybody thinks you, or you and Brooks tipped off the feds. Can you at least respond to that in any way?"
    "I've said it over and over, don't mess with my family."

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  18. Okay I'm officially joining the Lisa Barlow hive. That fight with Mary was camp and I'm yelling that they "made up" but she's now orchestrating the exposé of her cult. She's single-handedly holding this season together.
  19. The two episodes featuring Angie being the two best episodes of the season? I think I’m becoming a little Stangie. Hopefully she gets brought back next year in a bigger role.
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