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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Metro Jail

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Stangie..
    I like it..
  2. Looks like another Little Barlowster to join our cult. Can I touch??
  3. Bravo bringing in Jennie when Angie Del Paulson came to the group trip dressed like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill only to be snubbed...was it crack Bravo were smoking?

    Jennie's storyline is somehow dark and yet not even close to actually being compelling to watch a la Taylor Armstrong. What a misstep.
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  4. Jennie's storyline with her husband is extremely uncomfortable. It's like he's devoid of any and all emotional intelligence, it's hard to watch her sit there and cry and he just be like (for the tenth time) "...I want more kids :|" I'm shocked they're even happy with this footage going out on TV dd.

    Second half of the episode was great. More group scenes, less family storylines. Mary was the star this week. Coming for Lisa out of nowhere was amazing and then having zero sympathy for Jennie after relaying she lost a baby.. I don't know a better sociopath!!! Lisa, Jennie and Angie Del Paulson also had a good week. Heather is 7 episodes in and still doing nothing.
  5. I don't blame Mary for not having sympathy for Jennie. She'd been cussed out by her for no reason, the Jennie is going to gaslight her and make it seem like she was being bullied by Mary and then throwing in the stuff with her daughter. If she was that upset and knowing it was the anniversary of her daughters death, she should've stayed home. I hate when people take their issues out on others. That's not a valid excuse.

    Now next week looks iconic! I feel like they've been building towards this and now Mary and Jen will carry the back half of the season with the cult stuff and the arrest! I'm ready!
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  7. Lisa is carrying this season. Bad Weather can not relate.
  8. i'M obsessed with Lisa
  9. Edu


    Lisa deciding to expose a cult only because she was slammed by its leader after saying she would Google the veracity of something is very...
  10. It’s the way Lisa Barlow is channelling Lisa Vanderpump by playing games with the ladies who cross her, but doing it in such a blatant and considerably more entertaining way for me.
  11. I'm gonna be really annoyed if the Jen Shah arrest stuff is at the very end of the season and it's being hyped for... two episodes.
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  12. This season is serving me True Detective season 2 where it's decent and enjoyable but not the revelatory experience of season 1.
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  13. And Angie is Rachel McAdams.
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  14. I think the Jen stuff will happen the week after next. I'm pretty sure Duy said that the anniversary of their daughter's death was March 13th, and Jennie referenced the snow tubing day as being the anniversary.

    The Feds swarmed Beauty Lab & Laser on March 30th, so there's not long to go!
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  15. The range Lisa displayed this week should be eligible for consideration by the Academy.

    Her driving around with that cake pop talking about her and her son's "shared passion for fast food" had me grinning like an idiot. Then the blow up with Mary with the ensuing Angie drama being brought up again, Lisa saw a takedown season brewing and said Vida Tequila needs that Season 3 exposure!

    This was a second incredible episode for Angie, I appreciate production not wanting to add a third blonde white woman to the second season but Jennie really should have been the Friend Of this season.

    I'm also deeply captivated by Angie's voice? That drawl mixed with slight vocal fry, please narrate an audiobook mom.
  16. The way we're automatically captivated with Angie because we're gay is amazing and speaks to her need to be a full-time Mormon Boys Dot Com holder.
  17. Lisa dropping the gay grandpa card she had stored in the event that she is accused of being homophobic

  18. How about we Google what she says? Because most of the time she’s lying. OOOH DID I JUST SAY THAT?

    Mary cracks me up.
  19. Uno


    Yeah, I'm convinced this storyline with Jennie is being forced. I think since it was between her and Angie, the producers might've asked "what can you bring to the table as far as storyline?" and Jennie pulled that out of a hat and is running with it. There's literally no way I can believe a doctor would be forcing this conversation onto his wife otherwise.
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  20. Jennie is way better in group scenes than Angie. This week, Jennie snapped at Mary in one of the funniest moments of the episode and Angie… sat and looked nonplussed while Lisa and Whitney did all the work for her storyline.

    Putting Angie in a scene with the blondes earlier also really exposed how bad a fit she would be. Heather is giving the least this season yet she was still giving more than Angie in that moment. She doesn’t have great chemistry with them. And her and Whitney scampering off to put on dumb costumes at the mountain was giving me flashbacks to Brandi & Stephanie and that is NOT in any way a compliment.

    If this episode was her last appearance I’d be fine with that but with Jennie I’m still looking forward to more.
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