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The Real Housewives of Still Nothing a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. From what I’ve seen on Twitter and on the other forum I’m on for reality tv talk, most are really over Nene. Her confessionals have her thinking she is really proving something to the world when her actions are showing the exact opposite.
  2. The snake being vanquished was...actually amazing. The rest of the fight was just uncomfortable but the way Kenya and Porsha wouldn't let up on "outing" Yovanna as an actual reptile was heroic.
  3. The slithering snake sounds as YO-YO exited that episode and flew home.

    Them producers are shady as HELL.
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  4. LEGIT the funniest sound effect usage since WHEW CHILE the GHETTO’s sirens and dog barking
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  5. Cynthia putting Marlo in her place, whew! We stan.

    "So if you wanna get loud and show yo ass, you go 'head - I can go to bed."

    "And you gon' fucking respect me as well."

    Marlo continuing to munch on whatever was in her doggy bag, mouth full, was a kiii too.
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  6. Let's relive this whole experience though:

    I was in TEARS almost.

    NOT a white refrigerator!
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  7. The dishes in the sink kills me.

    Who knew who were gonna be swirling back to the hood Hunni?
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  8. Finally watched this weeks episode: Kenya is spot on. There is no recording and Nay-Nay has made the entire thing up.

    NeNe honestly disgusts me. Her behaviour is childish and wack. She needs the ultimate taking down a peg or 10 - axing. She’s not even ‘love to hate’ must watch tv.
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  9. Nene is completely unwatchable. Was anyone else LIVING fo the dynamic duo that is Kenya & Porsha? What icons!
  10. Nene should have been fired for attacking the cameraman last year, quite frankly.
  11. Kenya and Porsha are two of the best-ever Housewives, across the board. Character progression - you love to see it!
  12. Nene is literally only being kept because of her name. Because she used to be popular and liked and execs at NBC/Bravo that probably haven’t even seen the show think the name being known is a pull to the show. It isn’t. She brings absolutely zero to the viewers or the dynamics of the cast and no likability. Porsha, Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi (and Marlo) are the cast members people have continued to tune in for, not Linnethia.
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  13. Finally watched and Messy Marlo made me burst out laughing three separate times. Kenya’s tongue/snake face being shown over and over had me in stitches too.

    Kenya completely read Nene throughout the entire episode. Like word for word what we are all thinking.
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  14. Nene took to her YouTube Channel because she has been getting heat since this episode aired and to try and clear the air and backtrack on her lies:

    Cliff Notes:
    -She says she never meant bloggers are beneath her but that she isn't close personal friends with any bloggers and that she is just friendly with them. Then goes on to shout out Michelle 'Fish Market' Brown from StraightFromTheA, who is a blogger that Nene is what? Close personal friends with. *eyeroll*
    -Goes on 10 minute Tirade about Kenya: Kenya is manipulative and tried to get Yovanna to admit she was the snake, says Kenya is the one being aggressive with Nene and put her hand in her face (sis, she literally repeated what you did to her not 2 seconds before) and violated her personal space, and that Kenya is obsessed with Nene.
    -Says we saw the true Cynthia on this episode, aka her cussing out Marlo and that Cynthia can get buck and rude and nasty.
    -Says it seems as if Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia are the new Mean Girl clique because they all knew about the Tanya cheating thing and won't tell her but would rather dangle it on tv.
    -Makes a sly comment about Kenya's marriage and what she needs to do to keep Marc.
  15. 3 days later and I’m STILL thinking about this.

    Ms Marlo is trash but some points were made.
  16. Porsha has had an amazing journey on the show. Second only to Luann for me.
  17. Kenya was all of us reading and clocking NayNay for/to filth.



    I need the number of the security guy with cap or cameraman who held Nene down during that fight.
  18. Mid-Season Trailer is Here

    Nene is disgusting trying to spit on Kenya. The Queen gets under Nene's skin and it's so embarrassing that Nene still doesn't know how to control herself.

    Porsha taking Nene back... girl bye

    Kenya bringing The Cookie Lady to a sit-down with Tanya weeeeeeeeee the mess!

    The fact that Eva was shown for 0.1s in the 2min trailer and wasn't on the cast trip because she was pregnant... She's gone, surely.

    I predict Nene will leave after this season (but will still try to turn Porsha against Kenya again), Eva will surely be gone too.
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  19. After seeing that midseason trailer I think I can say...

    It will be good next season.
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  20. Kenya’s ability to make Nene look like an idiot time and time again is high art.
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