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The Real Housewives of Still Nothing a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. What in the @londonrain is going on in here on this day?


  2. It seems a bit strange Bravo uploaded the full episode to YouTube.
  3. I am living for Thirsty Bride Barbie Cynthia.
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  4. The scream I let out! Comedy genius. Her confessional look was a serve too.
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  5. I’m watching the premiere and... poor Porsha :(
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  6. I loved that episode! Obviously it's mostly about Queen Kenya for me, but I enjoyed it all the way through.

    That moment between Kenya and Porsha was great, I really hope their friendship continues because you can really see that they have so much love for each other now (although lowkey, Kenya's "You need to shut your mouth because if there's not a dick in it you don't even know what you're saying" jab still hypes me everytime I hear it).

    And I also feel so bad for Porsha. Like with Kenya, I was really wishing for her to get her happy ending, so it was heartbreaking to see her and her mum so upset. I really hope things turn round for her.

    From the Coming Up trailer it really does look like we're in for one hell of a season. I'm already perched for the reunion.

    Also, I'm really wondering who this "snake" amongst them is going to be. At first I thought it might turn out to be Eva, but apparently it's not.
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  7. Oh dear, this is sending me

    She is... DYNAMYSH!
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  8. I think Tanya isn't what she seems.
  9. Oh I completely agree. I didn't mind her last year, but there was just something about her that I just couldn't quite work out. I know she turned down the chance for a peach this year, I think if it does turn out to be her, then she can kiss goodbye to ever having one.
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  10. She did something smart last year that accidentally gave away her true savviness.

    She told Eva about the rumours regarding her finances knowing full well Nene wanted to have that talk. Tanya effectively took that scene right out from under Nene - and she was furious.
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  11. Ooooh, you're right. I'd completely forgotten about that.
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  12. I'm perceptive. I immediately realised she was potentially quite devious!
  13. There’s an updated She By Sheree ad (which you have to see to believe) and logo but darling as Dwight would say, there are still NO FASHIONS to be seen/found.

    Sheree really is a damn mess. I MISS HER - get ha ass back on the show.
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  14. The first episode was great. Nene must be seething that Kenya was center stage for the entire premiere. The show really was lacking something special without her to lighten everything up.

    Also, her baby is GORGEOUS.

    I'm sorry but I screamed at the beastiality insinuation.
  15. The devil works but the Bravo editors work harder.
  16. The Kenya/Porsha opening was amazing. I was so happy for Kenya (despite the Marc issue), and so sad for Porsha about Dennis. She didn’t deserve that. I feel like this is the most real and most vulnerable we've seen Porsha be, and it broke my heart.

    Ace is so cute! “Do you have my sister?” I died! I think it's great we get to see what will hopefully be an informative surrogate storyline on Housewives.

    Cynthia is such a gem. She is so different in so many ways to the Cynthia we first met. She's goofy, so upbeat, so shady and feels right at home in this cast. I'm living for her messiness with the Eva/Kenya situation and her thirstiness for Mike Hill.

    Eva... keep it. "Pregnant and moving house" is not a storyline I really care to see. They could also keep Nene too.

    Overall I loved the premiere and I'm SO HAPPY that Queen Kenya is BACK!
  17. I don't know why they brought Eva back. She is so boring and talks so much crap in the confessionals and with the ladies individually but when questioned about it she says she didn't mean it like that. Ok.
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  18. But which Barbie would you all be?

    I would be Mention It All Barbie with a leg spreading mechanism.
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  19. Some days I'm Bone Carrier Barbie, others I'm Prostitution Whore Barbie.
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  20. I’d be Child Actress Barbie, complete with Stealable Playhouse.
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