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The Real Housewives of Still Nothing a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. I'd be Hypochondriac Barbie with detachable leg, doctors records and cipro!
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  2. I can't wait for the Las Cuatros Brujas barbies with included screams.
    Pull the string and:
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  3. My favourite part of the episode was Cynthia complimenting Shamea's baby and saying she looks like her dad and Shamea going all 'AND I OOP'
  4. I laughed out loud at the Phaedra diss.
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  5. Kenya reading Nene today.

    "When you have issues then those issues will be recognised by the network, they will put you in your place."

  6. "You were the opening scene the other night for the opening season"
    "As I should be"

    Yes Kenya!
  7. Kenya winning is a true PopJustice. I LOVE Kenya and Porsha being friends. Now just fire Nene and Eva, Bravo please.
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  8. Hearing that Kandi makes more coin than Nene warms my petty heart.
  9. Girl you better mean Porsha.
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  10. Oops I did. Porsha got her just desserts.
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  11. I sometimes wish Nene & Kenya were friends, their take down of Wig @ S10 reunion was iconic. But I like seeing Kenya snatch Neens since she wants to act up. Porscha & Kenya finally being duo is so heartwarming I always wanted them to work it out.
  12. Nene and Kenya do make an amazing duo, it’s just a shame Nene’s ego is too damn big.
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  13. PFFFF this Kenya press tour has been a blast again with the Phaedra shade but the Marlo one I can'ttt

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  14. Honestly aside from our NY moms, I think Kenya might be my favorite Housewife of all time.
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  15. I love that even Nene had to acknowledge in a recent interview that Kenya was "good for the show." Ha power.
  16. LET'S BE CLEAR. The True Kween of Hotlanta (nobody says that in Violet's voice) has spoken. Strap on for one of the best seasons of RHOA ever.

    Edit: Oops I didn't click refresh and saw this was posted. BTW Wendy was very shady in that entire interview, especially the thing she said about Marc and Kenya's mom TOSSING HER OUT LIKE GARBAGE. I mean, wow Ms Williams...
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  17. Why doesn't anyone fight back against Wendy by mentioning HER problems? I'm surprised Kenya let her away with it.
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  18. Kenya’s above Wendy’s lightweight shade. She was throwing it back with the “YOUR FRIEND” comments. I think it was meant to be a “you are the company you keep” level dig.
  19. But Wendy was really UNNECESSARILY rude in that entire segment, kept on bringing up Kenya's absent mother - it was almost uncomfortable to watch. I'm glad Kenya rose above and kept it Wendy in check.
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  20. Didn't miss NeNe at all this week.

    I hope that Bravo will soon realise that yes, certain Wives franchises do rely on a main breakout star to carry the show (i.e. Theresa - RHONJ), but RHOA has always been an ensemble cast and could easily carry the show without her (IMO).
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