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The Real Housewives of Still Nothing a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Imagine stalking Eva.
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  2. The season might seem slow to get going, but it'll pick up after next week. Snake-gate starts episode 5, which is also Kenya vs Eva, episode 6 has Kenya crashing Marlo's wig line launch (also the first time Nene taped with the rest of the cast), followed by Mike's proposal, and then the Toronto trip which, as we know, is where things go sideways.

    RHOA usually is fairly tepid for the first few episodes, but considering how sad Porsha and Kenya's storylines are, it's feeling like it's lagging.

    Also, episode 3 had almost exactly the same demo/viewers as episode 2 (both just lower than the premiere), so it seems as though Mrs Leakes isn't the ratings draw she was hyping herself to be. #preshow #bloop
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  3. That was quite a difficult watch towards the end of this week's episode. I really feel so bad for Kenya, I really do.

    So next week is where it all begins to kick off and I'm not ready. Kenya vs Eva I knew was coming, but there also seems a bit of Kenya vs Cynthia!! What is going on!!
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  4. Good evening,

    Just thinking about Sheree's commentary during her Season 9 fight with Kenya ("tired Mama Joyce wig" one).

    "Po' thang, po' thang... She gave away all that twat, and ain't nothing ever happened with it?" Scream.

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  5. Another episode of one to one conversations between wives and talk of babies, yawn! I can’t believe the pride stuff was such a non event with so many housewives there. Eva should have been fired on the spot for just getting up and not interacting with Marlo, like sis, do your job! I thought she’d actually leave the restaurant with the food but the fact that she just went downstairs and ate on her own was so pathetic. Next week looks a little better.
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  6. Kenya's adorable and joyous baby has been my favorite part of this season and that feels so....wrong for Housewives.
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  7. It's not a good sign that I have 2 episodes sitting on my DVR and I cannot bring myself to watch, yet I'm on top of Jersey and Below Deck.
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  8. Yeah just wake me up when something happens girls, I haven't seen the last two episodes and apparently I'm not missing much.
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  9. An ad looking for additional cast members for RHOA has been posted. This...doesn't bode well for the remainder of the season.
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  10. Is that a usual way of finding new people? I’ve never heard of it happening before.
  11. Other cities (Beverly Hills, OC and Dallas) normally post on social media to find new cast members. I think normal the returning cast suggest people and then casting agents go looking for people.
  12. The ad appears to be more geared towards casting for Married to Medicine (they're explicitly asking for doctors or women partnered with them), I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mistake that they attributed it to RHOA, or for clickbait.

    I'm not worried about the rest of the season. I think it will be a good one overall, despite episodes 1-4 being slightly dull. Even at its worst RHOA is much more entertaining than RHOBH, and we've already got a cheating storyline, an engagement, the slow dissolution of a marriage and surrogacy from RHOA.

    Next week's ep looks lit, and we've got all the Toronto dram + Nene and Cynthia's make-up before we even get to the mid-season trailer.
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  13. Collab of the century

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  14. Porsha's tagline this season is amazing, no? One of the best in years. It's camp. It's self-referencing. We stan.
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  15. The way she says ASHES sends me
  16. The season is picking up - @johnny_tsunami we need a thread title change!

    Loved Porsha referencing Phraudra's iconic "Go away from me wif dis!" this week. The Bailey-que was fun, shady and silly. Once again highlighting that Nono is not needed in this cast.

    However, I'm finding myself coming around to Munty Marlo in a major way and it's frightening. She is great for the show and keeps things moving along, but also appears to be pushing for peace and resolution this year.

    I really wish they had kept Shamari, ditched useless Eva and Nene and replaced them with Kenya and She by Sheree. Kenya and Brooklyn visited Sheree over Thanksgiving, so perhaps the door is cracked for a Season 13 return of the fashion designer with no fashions?

    Can't wait for Moore Hair Care to crash Marlo's event next week.
  17. I actually enjoyed last week as well Dddd Let me watch this latest installment tonight and then update the title appropriately!
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  18. I'm not sure what has happened to Kenya, but she seems so angry. Her stunts!
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  19. The best show on Bravo! The girls are missing out if they are not watching. I wonder who they're going to replace, hopefully Buffie.
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  20. Is it written in Housewives contracts that they have to greet each other with “Well HELLO lady in red” whenever they are wearing red?
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