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The Real Housewives of Still Nothing a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. She posted it on her own Instagram. It must've really bothered her.


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  2. Absolutely living for Kenya and Porsha this season.
  3. 65800666-BAC5-48DB-8ACF-A7296E4DF0FF.jpeg

    Put this in the Louvre.
  4. The "friend of"s are HILARIOUSLY thirsty this season. More than ever before. Yovanna's denial of being the snake was also a riot.

    "NO girl :) oh no baby no I would NEVER!!!"
  5. The friend of's, while thirsty, feel so integral to the season. I love Tanya and it feels like Shamea has been around for so long I like seeing her pop in and out. Yovanna is no Marlo in terms of mess and stirring.
  6. I have to say, after last night's episode (the first where every cast-member was in one place), I am loving the casting this season. Nene is being used sparingly enough that she's not a draining, omnipresent void like last year (yet), and in small doses I do find her entertaining to watch. You just never know what you're going to get.

    Marlo is around and more integral to the cast than Nene at this point, and her reaction to Kenya was fascinating. I was almost.. proud of her for initially asking everyone to welcome Kenya, but the mask quickly slipped and I tensed up when she snatched that drink from Kenya. She seemed really upset and I found myself feeling for her before I remembered what a terrible person she is.

    Kenya just delivered the most iconic moment so far, but I can't help feeling that she's over-producing herself, whilst simultaneously trying to have a wink with the audience to let them know it's all for show. We'll see.

    I'm loving Porsha and Cynthia being so messy, and I echo the sentiment that all of the Friends are vital this year. Yovanna is irritating as fuck and I can't wait until Porsha drags her in Toronto, Tanya's reaction to Kenya was priceless, and Shamea is fun to have around.
  7. As much as I hate to say it, Nene's line about Porsha needing a rabies shot and having to check in at PetSmart sent me. I rewound that three different times to hear it. She definitely works best as a featured player, similar to Vickie.
  8. Cynthia, Kenya, Eva, Kandi, and Porsha could form an extremely powerful alliance. I'm sensing tension between Cynthia and Kenya though. I can't imagine Kenya will want Eva replacing her as Cynthia's best friend. Kandi remains integral in her own quiet way as the one in the middle, going from Kandi to Marlo and then back to Porsha/Cynthia/Kenya. The balance is right, I'd say.
  9. The way Marlo grabbed a glass from Kenya concerned me. Dock her wages at once!
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  10. Was Eva even in this episode? She's so useless.

    "Dennis with a bow" was a line though.
  11. I passed B&Q and had a flashback to Cynthia shopping for axes. I just laughed.
  12. I’ve watched ladies.....

    I’m so glad we have Kenya Messiah back on our tv.
    That and Kenya asking if Nene’s life coach was Jesus are the best confessionals so far.

    Both had me crying
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  13. A few extra thoughts about this week's episode: Kenya might create scenes, but she's definitely the chaotic presence that makes this show unmissable. I don't even think we need Nene anymore. She seems very much in the background. I expect Nene is planning a moment with the 'recording' to expose Cynthia in front of everyone. Except Cynthia ruined that by telling Kandi *and the audience* that a) she said it and b) she doesn't give a shit. Actually, it makes The Atlanta Snake (obviously Yovanna) look bad. What sort of person records people without their knowledge?
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  14. I think it is absolutely hilarious that Thirstyvanna is the ultimate evil this season. The fact that Bravo is framing the overarching narrative of this season as a "Whodunnit??" mystery is legitimately amazing.
  15. "Knowing Marlo's character, she can't be ruled out."
    Then a Cluedo style suspect card!
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  16. This episode was... iconic.


  17. Marlo really messed up by making the chant so long, though!

    If she had just said "KENYA HAS TO GO!!" it would have caught on but instead she decided to make it like "NO MORE KENYA MOORE WE WANT YOU TO GO FOR NOT SUPPORTING MARLO'S HAIRCARE LINE AND INTERRUPTING HER BUSINESS INSTEAD WITH YOUR OWN BUSINESS WHICH IS RUDE" say it with me, girls!!
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  18. The real question on everyone's mind is when is @Andrew.L going to start watching Atlanta?
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  19. I have two and a half seasons of BH to finish and then Potomac, then Atlanta for Spring.

    OC can rot to be honest.
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