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The Real Housewives of Your Ho Daughter a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. It's so tough to watch Porscha like this. I hope we get to see more happy Porscha in the upcoming weeks.
    Cynthia season, new BFF. Kenya bringing her to that crystals shop was a scream, I'm very excited for NeNe vs Cynthia and Kenya vs Eva to go down.
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  2. Porsha and Kenya really are giving us some compelling storylines. Nene is really not needed.
  3. Can we finally have Claudia back if Nene is on her way out?
  4. Erm I fell asleep at that second episode. Maybe I was too tired from a 12-hour workday but it seemed boring. Hopefully the next one's LIT.
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  5. Eva is (rightfully) getting a lot of backlash over her "nappy-headed" comment from this week's episode. Kandi said on her YouTube series 'Speak On It' that Eva gets into a l-l-l-lottt of trouble this season for speaking out of turn and then back-pedalling when confronted.

    Considering 'Eva the Diva' appears to be a complete myth, I'm ready for her to get dragged this season.
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  6. It was really boring. The only good scenes were Cynthia’s daughter coming out and Cynthia and Kenya at that spiritual/crystal shop.
    Eva is just so, so, so dull.
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  7. I'm so glad I emotionally invested in Cynthia years ago. Unfortunately, the rumour is that orders have been sent from high up that Nene must get a sympathetic edit this season. According to Tamara Tattles anyway. Kenya or Cynthia, it seems, might be the main victims as a result of this edit.
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  8. I'm surprised you gals found it boring. I thought Porsha being so vulnerable and while seeing her go through it was difficult, I found it to be compelling television. Kenya also brought us camp in the psychic shop.
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  9. Nice to see Tanya back on the show.. I can't say the same about Nene.
  10. Nene is really losing her spark. Like Vicki, I don't think we need her on the franchise any longer.

    Her 'funny' moments just come across as more desperate than ever. And I can't at them milking that Nene and Cynthia Gay Pride float confrontation FOR ANOTHER episode.
  11. Last nights thoughts:

    1. Nene told Andy on that float she is 'good' with Kim Zodiak Beercan. Ew.
    2. Marlo really wants to cement her spot on the show because even she is taking Nene to task. It is nice to see.
    3. Marc is an asshole and Kenya needs to leave his ass.
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  12. Marc gives me Shane Simpson vibes from OC. I can’t help but feel a bit bored by the show at moment, anyone else? For me there are too many baby storylines going on. Also what’s up with Eva saying she’s scared for her safety if her Ex finds out where she’s moving to yet she’s showing properties she’s visiting on the show... sis make it make sense.
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  13. How did I completely miss the Eva stalker (and Marlo accusing her of lying about it ddddd) last season?
  14. OC better than Atlanta so far I could not believe it.
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  15. They need to get the Atlanta ladies together STAT.
  16. I'm definitely baffled by Eva's househunting storyline. Of course, far be it from me to judge how much her and her husband are in danger, but it does seem that the way to combat that definitely isn't parading your house hunt around on television.

    Also, if I didn't already know what happens with Kenya and Marc then her scenes with him would worry me. He just comes off so evasive towards Kenya all the time. And the show doesn't even play up those moments in any kind of way, it's right there for you to see. I just feel so bad for Kenya having to see her almost beg her husband to be close to her and him being a complete asshat.

    On the whole I'm really enjoying this season so far.
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  17. It felt like that entire episode was just an extended intro for the pride float encounter- it better be good. It won't.

    Is there any particular reason why Marlo has never been given a peach? I'm still a Housewives novice, but has any girl been a friend of for this long before?
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  18. She permanently disfigured a woman's face in a knife attack. I believe her violent history has prevented her from getting a peach.
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  19. Oh wow.
  20. RHOC is on ep 16 and RHOA is on ep 3.. let's pipe down lol.
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