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The Real Housewives of Your Ho Daughter a.k.a. Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.



    omg the season really takes flight next week finally huh?
  2. Dddd I hate that we've been saying this for the past three episodes. Nothing like waiting until a third of your season has aired before making it entertaining!
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  3. Okay but Thirsty Yovanna fighting with Thirsty Tanya was iconic. They are both so clearly desperate for camera time that them getting called right out for being thirsty was amazing.

    Eva needs to actually do her job for once instead of walking out of every conflict, though.

    That being said, this was a properly great episode.
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  4. That episode was an IMPROVEMENT from the first few we got, a lot of great one liners as well. I actually cackled a few times.

    I can see them trying to push Marlo into the centre storyline but am I the only one who thinks that she doesn't have the range? The good sis is just so damn awkward when she's trying to play nice and be all aspirational and shit.

    Bring back messy Marlo, I say.

    Also, I miss Pookie AKA the CEO of She by Sheree oh so much...
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  5. I'm okay with Buffie. Jackie being read in that latest episode, OOOOOOOHHH CHILE.

    Married to Med continues to be great. I can't wait for the reunion.
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  6. Ok this last episode was quite good, not iconic but returning to form. Glad to see Kenya is leaning into more of her theatrics with regifting the doll, I can’t wait for next week for the Kenya Moore Hair Care marching band entering Marlos wig launch. It genuinely warms my heart to see Porsha and Kenya being friends. I’ll repeat what I said last week about Eva, again she should be fired on the spot for just running away from any and all confrontation, she’s not doing her job properly. I know she’s pregnant but c’mon! Monique in Potomac threatened to drag candiace “pregnant and all”. She’s so frustrating as she talks a good game behind people’s backs but doesn’t deliver the goods. I also didn’t like her comments about Kenya’s “later in life baby” like girl, so what?
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  7. Eva is going to have a difficult reunion, with likely only Cynthia as an ally. Porsha said on WWHL that they'll have a lot to discuss at the reunion (aka, she's coming for Eva), and Marlo is going to keep her heel in Eva's neck.

    Going off Kenya's social media during/following this episode, it looks like she'll have a few bones to pick with Eva too, despite the fact that they appeared to make up later in the season.
  8. Eva can stay. She’s still reading Marlo to the absolute filth and I live. She just needs to be told to not WALK OUT of a scene. Bravo, hold her paycheque or something, it’s getting old!
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  9. Remember when Sahara Davenport (R.I.P.) passed away and they used a picture of Sheree?
  10. Oh my God the campery.
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  11. Kenya, Eva, Marlo, Cynthia, Porsha and Yovanna were all so messy this episode. I love the little petty beefs where it's hard to tell who's actually right.

    Nene is just not needed anymore. I would bet money on Eva not coming back next year if she continues to backtrack all season long (she also didn't go on the cast trip because she was giving birth.)

    They should have kept Shamari honestly. She, Porsha/Eva/Tanya added a nice, young, fresh dynamic last season. Kenya is integral to this cast for the drama, as is Marlo to a lesser extent.
  12. I've witnessed the reality TV moment of the year: Kenya. A marching band. Everyone taking Kenya's product at Marlo's wig event. Oh my God. Amazing.
  13. Porsha mentioning Notting Hill Carnival blew my fucking mind.
  14. Kenya did THAT. I thought it was hilarious that before Nene skidaddled she made sure to pick up some Moore Haircare.
  15. K94


    Just finished the ep and I'm in fits of laughter. How does one even come up with something so messy, petty and extra?? And Nene fully prepared to run Yovanna over - an absolute classic episode.
  16. Yovanna thinking she's in Nene's gang until she put her hand on Nene's car! Porsha being tortured by a fitness machine. Cynthia giving no shits and taking no shits about Nene or the recording. The "Atlanta Snake" suspect list. Marlo trying to regain control of her tacky ass event after Kenya's invasion. And Porsha living for the lot of it.

    Life-changing television.

    I'm almost forgiving them for the earlier five episodes of nothingness.

    It was everything. My favorite has to be the PW CURVE.



    I liveeee for Porsha & Kenya this season.

    And Nene threatening to beat up Kenya and also said to Yovanna that she's gonna fuck her up just cause she was tapping on her window WITH THE PALM OF HER HAND - Ms Leakes continues to be bitter as fuck and vile. Honestly, Andy needs to do with her what she did to Vicki.
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  18. Nene seems superfluous at this point. She's apparently unhappy with how she's coming across this season!
  19. Speaking of Nene.

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  20. IT'S WHAT SHE DESERVES. For being vile and taking a paycheck and not delivering or doing her job. She's just bitter and negative every season and we've had enough.

    Yas to Andy for finally coming to his senses. We can only hope.
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