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The Real Housewives Rate - We have a winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HaveASit, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Hopefully Alex McCord is out next! She is a bit 'Frankenstein' in the face and her husband was one of the worst....I don't feel we got to know Jules very well, she didn't seem to be in a good place in her life to join a reality TV show.
  2. I don't know why but I love Alex Mccord.

    Actually I do know why:

    Her weird hive breakout.
    Her weird evolution from social climber to social commentator.

    And her iconic:
    'You are in high school and while you are in high school I am in Brooklyn'
  3. I actually kinda liked S3-S4 Alex.
  4. [​IMG]

    I can’t find the gif of her storming into the room in Morocco to tell off LuAnn.
  5. Also, never forget


    I gave her a zero which now seems unfair. I think if she was a housewife now she'd be more of a thing, but is remembered as boring because those years of RHONY were LIT.
  6. I gave Alex a 3. I found her and Simon (2nd worst Husband after Jim Bellino) irritating but I didn't completely hate her. The ''thug...'' quote was the best thing she ever said.
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  7. I also love the scene where she walks in with her 'Herman munster/buffalo" shoes to stick up for Ramona against Luann. Meanwhile cut to a scene of Ramona literally jumping about the place outside with Sonja, not a care in the world.
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I gave Alex a 6.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. I hated Alex at first but loved her in seasons 3 and 4. So funny.

    90. Cary Deuber


    Average Score: 4.3
    High Score: 7 (@ufint, @Pink Frost)
    Low Score: 0 (@Stella93, @#teamdodd!)
    My Score: 6​

    I actually loved Cary in her first season. I liked her sass, she gave me a Bethenny-lite vibe and I thought she was a pretty cool chick, yet for some reason everyone hated her. After watching season two, I kind of side with the people who hated her. I certainly don't hate Cary, but she's a bit of a pompous asshole and her husband is the absolute worst. I mean, he literally hates their daughter. Hates! I feel bad for poor little Zuri when she's old enough to watch this show back and see her dad complaining about her existence 24/7.

    Cary and Mark claim that they have sex "at least" every day, sometimes more. I find that laughable. #teamdodd! calls her "Vile". GhettoPrincess elaborates "She seems very phoney, reminds me of Taylor from Beverly Hills and her husband creeps me out." I actually think Cary and Taylor are friends? Makes sense. Finally, Truman calls Cary "The devil personified" yet he gave her a 6. "She’s just not a pleasant person and her own high opinion of herself brings her down a lot." While agree she's kind of an asshole, I wouldn't want her off the show and I do find her funny sometimes, hence my 6.
  10. 89. Carlton Gebbia


    Average Score: 4.342
    High Score: 9 (@berserkboi)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan)
    My Score: 4​

    Witch! Carlton graced our screens for one season of Beverly Hills, and I actually found her hilariously entertaining. She didn't mesh with the other ladies, but I cackled many times that season over her spats with Kyle - from when she was shocked that Kyle killed a bee, to snapping at Kyle when she asked if she was Catholic (she had giant crosses and Catholic confession booths in her home) and when asked if she was a witch (she is).

    #teamdodd! says Carlton was a "Missed opportunity". Similarly, GhettoPrincess "liked her but can see why she didn’t last too." Truman gave points for effort: "She tried."
  11. 88. Tanya Bardsley


    Average Score: 4.429 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 8 (@Pink Frost)
    Low Score: 0 (@#teamdodd!)​

    Who? Tanya is a mainstay on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, appearing on all six seasons of the show. GhettoPrincess says, "There’s been some moments where I can’t stand Tanya, she’ll pull these muggy faces or have arguments in which she’s completely in the wrong but I’ve been loving her lately as she calls out Dawn Ward on all the shit she pulls. More of that please!" #teamdodd! however simply can't stand her, merely telling her to "Shut it big teeth."
  12. Cartlon was a missed opportunity.
    She should have held back a little on Vyle as her attacks weren't really warranted.
  13. Didn’t it turn out that Carlton is big mates with Allison Dubois and that’s why she came so hard for Kyle?
  14. Juicy!
  15. 87. Kathy Wakile


    Average Score: 4.438
    High Score: 7 (@tylerc904)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan, @#teamdodd!)
    My Score: 4​

    Fucking Kathy. I actually liked her when she first joined the cast in season three of Real Housewives of New Jersey, but Jesus Christ was she fucking boring. No one cares about your stupid canolis! Her husband Richie was absolutely insufferable. The best thing Kathy brought to the show was her gay sister Rosie, who was fantastic.

    Part of my issue with Kathy (and RHONJ in general) is that they didn't change the cast at all from seasons three to five. It got so stale. Anyway, Kathy is gone from the show now after devastatingly finding out that Teresa officially wanted nothing to do with her or her sister in season six.

    #teamdodd! rightfully called her "Pointless", and the rest of you couldn't be bothered to even put together words about her. Thank you for Rosie, though.


    And here is Kathy's best moment on the show:

    Truly I could watch that clip over and over.
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  16. Kathy’s lowest moment was in Season 7 when she arrogantly claimed “We’re NOT cancer.”

    Shut up Kathy!
  17. Kathy was fine in her first 2 seasons but really should have been demoted in s5. I actually loved her whole 'Audriana was unattended' line.

    She really came across as desperate and fake in s6 filming Teresas jail sentence.
    Everyone says her saving grace was Rosie but I found her to be awful.
  18. I thought she would be higher, always there for a laugh, even at her own expense. And the only one who really stands up to Dawn.
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  19. Rosie had her moments, but she mostly appeared to be an angry, drunk lesbian. Not a great role model.
  20. We could have had Carlton, Brandi and Allison - but we have to settle for Teddi. Hmmm.
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