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The Real Housewives Rate - We have a winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HaveASit, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. I hope she continues to resist Dawn. Tanya really pisses her off and I love it!
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  2. Oh! Carlton is out way too soon!!
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  3. Yes, bring on the Kyle hate brigade so she can show us her mean girl side again.
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  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Kathy's husband Richie was awful.

    I'll never warm up to Kathy (or Melissa) even if she seems okay. The way they came onto NJ and brought their family problems onto the show when it was obvious that was not a direction Teresa did not want to go into was just low and shown me the kind of people they were. It did make for entertainment though.
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  5. It truly amused and bothered me how Kathy always pretended to be some kind of stepford housewife, ESPECIALLY the way she spoke in her master interviews.
  6. Just like her taglines, I find Kathy pretty boring. I couldn't care less about her husband and kids. I'm still in the middle of season 4, but she's nowhere as interesting as Dina and Danielle.
  7. YES!

    Her interviews were always cringe.
  8. I always felt sorry for Kathy but I always fast forward her solo scenes so she's not a big loss.
  9. I felt the same way about Kathy and her damn cannoli business...nobody cares! It was such a boring story to try and bring to the show. Rosie was great and very, very funny in the beginning but as the seasons went on she just became mean.
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  10. Up next, a three way tie between women from failed Housewives franchises!

    84. Lisa Hochstein


    Average Score: 4.5 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 7 (@Pink Frost, @3words~, @lushLuck)
    Low Score: 0 (@Stella93)​

    I'm only two episodes into season two of Real Housewives of Miami so I did not rate Lisa, and after two episodes I have conflicted thoughts about her. My first thought was that I hated her. She looked and acted fake and was so condescending to her house staff. But my next impression was that she was a great cast member on the show. She doesn't seem afraid to bring drama, seems as if she will be entertaining, and is exactly the kind of vain person that I love to hate! I'm excited to see more of her as I finish the series.

    84. Adriana de Moura


    Average Score: 4.5 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 9 (@Meathook)
    Low Score: 0 (@GhettoPrincess, @Stella93)
    My Score: 6​

    Another wife of Miami gone! Adriana was on all three seasons of Real Housewives of Miami. I'm kind of obsessed her. She reminds me so much of Kourtney Kardashian. Season one revolved around her relationship with her fiancé who she seemed to blatantly be dating so that he would put her son through private school. We also found out that her first husband lived a double life and had a second wife. What?! From what I've seen of season two, she's about to move onto a boat... and not even a good one. I don't get it, but I'm here for her. She's vapid, fabulous and has a dry wit. GhettoPrincess disagreed, saying "She was annoying from what I remember." I really wish they would've given this series a chance and continued it!

    While we're on the topic of Real Housewives of Miami, can we just take a second to talk about how second-rate the first season was?? What was with each episode revolving around one of the 'wives throwing a cooking class? Seriously! Every episode involved a get together where the women learned how to cook! And then the "reunion" was a live episode of WWHL with all the women? It doesn't get more low budget than that.
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  11. And finally, with the third 'wife in the three-way tie falls another franchise.

    84. Michaele Salahi


    Average Score: 4.5 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 10 (@lanadelreystan
    Low Score: 1 (@Stella93, @VitaminBee)​

    Oh, Michaele. The infamous white house crasher! Michaele and her husband made national headlines when they crashed a White House state dinner. The Real Housewives of D.C. only had one season, with Andy saying that the whole incident put a damper on the series.

    GhettoPrincess gave her a 5, stating "The gatecrasher deserves the highest score." I appreciate VitaminBee's use of a Casey Rose Wilson gif:


    "And people thought the McCords were nutty... They clearly have never seen Michaele and her husband. The visual definition of Insanity. "

    And there you have it. Real Housewives of D.C. is the second franchise to fall, after Toronto.

    The Real Housewives of D.C.

  12. I liked Lisa Hochstein, she was fun and didn't take herself or the show to seriously.

    Adriana de Moura on the other hand was a complete MESS.

    Her storylines were all over the place, I don't know what was real and what was staged for the show. And she seemed to change from season to season.

    I don't know Michaele Salahi, but I just watched a clip of her 'white house' crash, and that was pretty epic!
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  13. I loved watching Adriana during the Miami Reunions. She was blisteringly angry.

    With regards to Michaele on RHODC,I got the sense the other Housewives were a bit jealous of her, for whatever reason.
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  14. I only have eight episodes left from my Miami binge watch. I have to say, that it isn't a total mess. The first season bored me. However season two and three are good since there were plenty of drama. I also liked that this franchise seems to be the sexiest of the American franchises. I am baffled with its low ratings. I don't have a clear favorite, but I like Adriana and Joanna the most.

    As for Michaela, I loved how bubbly she was. Her jabs to Cat were hilarious. Her (ex) husband though was sleazy as hell.

    Anyway, I expected much worse from Miami and D.C. and I am glad I gave them a chance. I also liked their scenery.
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  15. Glad to see the Michaele appreciation above.

    A great underrated housewife.
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  16. 83. Ashley Darby


    Average Score: 4.556 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 7 (@Pink Frost)
    Low Score: 1 (@Stella93)
    My Score: 5.5​

    While Potomac is not the most interesting franchise, Ashley is one of my favorites in the cast. The other women can't stand her and I love how easily she makes them all squirm. I think she has been gunning for a divorce for her older (gay?) husband, and I think the show provided her the outlet to do it. And hey, she got a restaurant out of it too! Just stop talking about your "tootie", okay?

    82. Jules Wainstein


    Average Score: 4.571
    High Score: 8 (@JapaneseJesus)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan)
    My Score: 2​

    I was wondering how long it would take for New York to lose another 'wife! I wasn't a fan of Jules. I found her kind of obnoxious and some of her eating habits were... troubling. What was with putting the silverware in the calzone? While she was not the best pick for the show, I don't know that Tinsley deserved a second season any more than Jules did, and yet here we are with Tinsley joining the show for a second season. It could have been interested to see Jules' divorce play out, though I heard she wouldn't have been allowed to discuss it on the show which would explain why she wasn't asked back.

    To be honest, I'm usually not a fan of the younger 'wives. I don't want to see you with your toddlers, and they always make menopause jokes. News flash Jules, your day will come too! tylerc904 gave her a solid 7, noting "She was totally harmless, but totally mismatched to square off against B." Truman gave her an even higher 7.5, saying "She tried. She was kooky. She was interesting. She would have really blossomed in a second season. I wish her creepy ex-husband wouldn’t have put a stop on it." Meanwhile, #teamdodd! says that Jules was "Another one who came into the show when she had shit going on personally so wasn’t able to really bring it."
  17. I forgot Jules was ever on the show.

    I mean, did she have any confrontations / fights? I cannot remember.
  18. Only with Bethenny. But I’m sure even the Dalai Lama would end up falling out with her.
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  19. Jules would probably have gotten a second season if it wasn't for her messy divorce from R2D2 and wanting to focus on her children. I liked her better than Tinsley and she was just such a good fit for the group. She was fun, kooky and she had a lot of really funny comments. She got along with pretty much everyone and I'm sure that she would have had a really good second season had she come back.
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  20. I liked Jules because she wasn't scared of Bethenny but I knew she'd be gone once the divorce news came out unfortunately. I also prefer her to Tinsley.... hopefully she's the next New York housewife out.
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