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The Real Housewives Rate - We have a winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HaveASit, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. I liked her, and do think a second season would have allowed her to really gel but come on... the reunion alone proved she wasn't into it. Too much was going on for her. Tinsley is a total casting score, she is likable, messy, and clicks well with a majority of the women. I loved when she put Lu in her place re PAAAAALM BEACH. She could potentially be good in a fight but I'm not sure who, aside from Beth, would go there.
  2. I like Kristen more than Jules and Tinsley. *sigh.*
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  3. Apparently Tinsley has some major drama with LuAnn in season 10.
  4. 81. Karen Huger


    Average Score: 4.611 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 8 (@lushLuck)
    Low Score: 1 (@Stella93)
    My Score: 6​

    Karen is an unlikeable mess, and yet she's kind of iconic. You can tell she's trying to be the Nene/Vicki/Lisa Vanderpump of Potomac, and yet it's just not happening. As the "Grand Dame of Potomac", she tries hard to show off the extravegant wealth of she and her husband, "the black Bill Gates", and yet girl... why has your kitchen not been updated since the 90s?!

    Karen is a fantastic aspect of The Real Housewives of Potomac, though. She has delusions of grandeur and causes loads of drama. GhettoPrincess seems to agree, stating that Karen is "Delusional but it’s funny".
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  5. 80. Siggy Flicker


    Average Score: 4.688
    High Score: 8.5 (@JapaneseJesus)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan, @#teamdodd!)
    My Score: 6.5​

    Wow! Siggy sure made a splash when she joined Real Housewives of New Jersey. I actually am surprised to see her go this early and wonder how different her placement would have been had this rate happened before season 8. I loved Siggy in season 7. I still think she was an incredible addition to the show and just what New Jersey needed after the disastrous season 6. I'm kind of sad to see her go, but she was absolutely insufferable this season so I must say it's probably for the best. From absolutely screaming at everyone she saw in Boca Raton to her holier than thou attitude toward everyone but Dolores, she just got to be too much. I will give the girl credit, though, for showing up to Margaret's party immediately after being released from the hospital in a boot and an arm sling just to start some drama. That's commitment, sis.

    #teamdodd! was the only person to leave commentary for Siggy, only screaming "HELL NO".

  6. At this point Siggy is just irritating. Glad she's gone at this point.
  7. It's a real shame Siggy trapped herself in the role of villain because she was fabulous in Season 7.
  8. Siggy just didn't feel natural to me, which is weird given she was already appearing in TV way before she joined the show. She's loud and over the top but not in a funny way. I appreciated the drama she brought in season eight, but she isn't really entertaining.
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  9. I've never gone from liking a housewife to very much disliking one as quickly as Siggy.

    In 2 seasons she went from her best to her worst and I have no idea who the real Siggy is, but maybe her ego just got way out of control after season 7?

    Good luck with her job. I wouldn't never book her, ever.
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  10. 79. Kristen Taekman


    Average Score: 4.705
    High Score: 8 (@CasuallyCrazed, @MollieSwift21)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan, @#teamdodd!)
    My Score: 5.5​

    Kristen wasn't the most interesting housewife (or the smartest, per her own taglines), but at least she's pretty but I kind of liked her! I found season six to be excellent, and I thought her dynamic with the other ladies (especially Ramona) was fantastic. Remember when Ramona threw a wine glass at her and cut her lip?! "Who are you to get me wet?!"

    Regardless, tylerc904 says she "never worked for me." Truman called her "the Meghan McCain of RHONY. JUST NO." To end things off, zero-giver #teamdodd! simply referred to her as a "Try hard."

    But Kristen isn't the only New Yorker we're losing tonight...

    With an average score less than .01 higher........

    78. Tinsley Mortimer


    Average Score: 4.714
    High Score: 10 (@tylerc904)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan, @GhettoPrincess)
    My Score: 4.5​

    Eh, I liked Kristen more. Tinsley joined The Real Housewives of New York in season nine and will be returning for season ten. Did you know she has a mugshot? I guess her and the Countess can compare, now. I honestly didn't find her all that interesting or entertaining last season, but I guess it's worth giving her another shot rather than giving her the boot so quickly.

    tylerc904 would seem to disagree with my apathy towards her, though. Awarding her a 10, he stated that Tinsley is "Another brilliant addition. I find her so utterly likable and I am rooting for her." Truman is more skeptical: "I’m so on the fence about Tinsley. She’s okay but she is not pulling her weight just yet…maybe she will in time…." I guess we'll see. #teamdodd! simply called her "Weird", and GhettoPrincess hates her: "Fuck off with that voice."
  11. Tinsley should be on another reality show. Like a Jersey Shore version of RHONY
  12. It's an absolute disgrace that Jules, Kristen and Tinsley have fallen before Carole tbh.

    Imagine being so boring your tagline is about they election.

    Anyway Kristen was my favourite of the 3, I found her friendship with Brandi very interesting.
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  13. Carole is fantastic.
  14. Spill some truth tea, why don’t you?

    Carole should have been fired her first season / never hired.

    First, she was up Heather’s you know what then up Bethenny’s. Can’t bear people like that. Stop brownnosing, grow a backbone and stand on your own two feet.

    Needless to say she was my -1.
  15. I liked Kristen a lot. I thought she held her ground against the more antagonistic Housewives, but I loathed her ugly husband.
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  16. 77. Joanna Krupa


    Average Score: 4.75 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 9 (@CasuallyCrazed)
    Low Score: 0 (@Stella93)​

    Of this Real Housewife of Miami, GhettoPrincess asks "Does her kitty cat smell though?" Joanna has probably dominated more headlines from her defamation lawsuit towards Brandi Glanville, who claimed that she had a "smelly pussy" on Watch What Happens Live, than anything else she has ever done. I seriously have to wonder why she filed that lawsuit. Now that's all anyone thinks of when they hear her name!

    I enjoyed Joanna on The Real Housewives of Miami, though I'm only a few episodes into season two and thus didn't rate her. Despite her elimination, Joanna is the second highest rated housewife from Miami in this rate, leaving on Lea Black to be eliminated.
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  17. 76. Lauri Peterson


    Average Score: 4.846
    High Score: 9 (@MollieSwift21)
    Low Score: 1 (@Stella93)
    My Score: 5.5​

    "Are the police involved?" Honestly, I was never that into Lauri. I found it kind of amusing that on season one of Orange County, she was literally Vicki's assistant. However, by season three she showed Vicki up by marrying her super rich husband George. During her time on the show, we saw a lot of her family drama, including her son's legal and drug issues. Speaking of her son Josh, he was arrested in 2016 for attempted murder, so if you were wondering how things have gotten for him since the show, I would have to say... not great.

    Also, never forget when Lauri came back for a few episodes in season eight to accuse Vicki of having a threesome.

  18. 75. Mary Zilba


    Average Score: 4.875 (-0.5 Score Adjustment)
    High Score: 10 (@GhettoPrincess)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan)​

    Mary was on The Real Housewives of Vancouver, and I guess she was a singer? GhettoPrincess says "I really feel sorry for her and her time on the show. I liked her. She can actually sing too. I do wonder how entertaining I would’ve found her without Jody around." However, VitaminBee comes in with a drag: "I'm Canadian and grew up in Canada and I've never heard ANY of her songs...ever. Jody dragged her so hard for both seasons... it was kind of sad."
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  19. 74. Jeana Keough


    Average Score: 4.906
    High Score: 10 (@MollieSwift21)
    Low Score: 1 (@Stella93)
    My Score: 5.5​

    And we lose another OG Orange County housewife! I liked Jeana, but she was problematic. In the very episode of the series, she talked about how her husband and his mother chose her out of all of his girlfriends because she had the best build for their gene pool. I'm not even kidding. That said, I felt sorry for the way her husband treated her, and it was clear her sons were learning to take after his behavior. Her son Shane was a jerk. Remember when he said he was going to hit Jeana with a baseball bat because she came out to his game? Honestly though, I didn't care. He was so hot that the D outweighed his negatives. (Meathook seems to agree, giving Jeana a 6 "only because she has a hot son.")


    Anyway, I quickly turned on Jeana when she sided with Simon in his divorce from Tamra. Basically, she insinuated that Tamra was making up her claims of domestic violence against him. I don't blame Tamra for throwing that glass of wine in her face.

  20. Jody was insanely jealous of Mary without any real reasons.

    I can't stand Joanna Krupa, probably my least favorite from Miami. (Team Brandi!)
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