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The Real Housewives Rate - We have a winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HaveASit, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. So glad Vicki's finally out.

    Lydia is stupid, she makes some remarks which are in poor taste but I'd totally have given her more points as I'm loving her in the recent series.
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  2. I gave Vicki a 9 even though I hate her now. My vote was based on her pre-Brooks days. I’m glad she didn’t make it to the top 20.
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  3. Out of the big 5, Orange County is the only one I haven't seen yet. But I am really curious to watch it just to see how awful or entertaining Vicki and Tamra are. When the new season is about to start, I think I might finally start binge watching it.
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  4. Vicki would've been top 10 if it wasn't for the whole Brooks thing.
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  5. Maybe... but the whole Brooks thing lasted 3 seasons so she rightly is hated by a solid chunk of Housewives fans.
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  6. I don't just dislike Vicki because of the cancer scam, she has always been a shady liar, can't stand her family either.

    She makes me feel gross.
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  7. Here's how I would rank the remaining housewives:
    New Jersey (this top three is literally my top three NJ housewives)
    1. Danielle
    2. Teresa
    3. Melissa
    4. Margaret (if she's included)

    1. Kim Z
    2. Shereé
    3. Kenya or Nene (I don't really know, Kenya is more entertaining but she irritates me unlike Nene)
    4. Phaedra
    5. Kandi (she isn't the most exciting housewife left)

    New York City
    1. Luann
    2. Ramona
    3. Sonja
    4. Dorinda
    5. Carole
    6. Bethenny
    7. Jill

    I don't really know half of the Beverly Hills cast yet. I'm still finishing my New York City and Atlanta binge watch. But for this group, Camille or Brandi for the win. While I haven't seen Dallas as I'm saving it for a three season marathon instead of just two.
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  8. I can't get past the cancer scam, or at least her continuing to lie about it. I wish Lisa Rinna would drive down to Beverly Hills to follow her screaming 'OWN It, just own it Vicki!'

    Anyway, thats aside she has given a lot to the show so she was a tough one to score.
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  9. Remember Yolanda faked a 3 season illness because she got caught on camera swearing at Taylor.
  10. Yolanda had so much potential... but no... terrible housewife.
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  11. 37. Taylor Armstrong


    Average Score: 6.25
    High Score: 9.5 (@berserkboi)
    Low Score: 1 (@Pink Frost)
    My Score: 6 ​

    Taylor's story was a tragic one. During her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we watched Taylor and her crazy lips as they struggled with drinking, details of her abusive marriage were exposed and of course as her husband took his own life. It put a... dark spin on Beverly Hills and I'm honestly surprised they went through with airing the second season (though I'm glad they did). I always had a soft spot for Taylor. I found her entertaining and felt for her, as she was clearly broken. Rumor has it she now lives next door to one Victoria Gunvalson. Will we see Taylor on The Real Housewives of Orange County one day? Only time will tell.

    Truman touches on the tragedy of Taylor in his commentary: "Such a sad figure. Such good storylines. I feel bad for whatever happened to Russell but damn, was it ever good TV." Meanwhile, #teamdodd! called her "A bit damp."
  12. 36. Melissa Gorga


    Average Score: 6.263
    High Score: 10 (@Spiderwebs, @3words~)
    Low Score: 0 (@lanadelreystan)
    My Score: 7​

    I've always been a fan of Melissa since she joined the show. I think she is the most level headed of the New Jersey women, and I always sided with her during her feuds with Teresa. In my opinion, she always seemed to be in the right. I quickly got sick of their drama, however, so I'm glad to see that the two are friends now. I know some people find her boring, but I think the Gorga family dynamic is needed on the show so I appreciate her place in the cast and do not want to see her go anywhere. Also, she looks stunning lately.

    #teamdodd! calls Melissa "beige". 3words~ gives her a 10 and elaborates: "Melissa really seems to have matured more than any Housewife, I think. The difference between her now and only 5 years ago when she was giddy, giggly, thanking Jesus for her husband building her a recording studio and trying desperately to take down Teresa is mind-boggling. She's been a favorite of mine since the very beginning, I must admit though, she's come an incredibly long way." Agreed!
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  13. And here we have it.

    35. Tamra Judge


    Average Score: 6.3
    High Score: 10 (@HaveASit, @Rihanna UK, @GhettoPrincess, @Maria)
    Low Score: 0 (@#teamdodd!)
    My Score: 10
    How DARE all of you whose scores made this happen. Tamra Barney Judge is a model housewife. Orange County would be nothing without her. Sure, she's been a little less fun since she decided to take on Jesus a few seasons ago, but have you all forgotten the iconic moments she brought to the show?!

    From her early feuds with Gretchen... (Think Bass Lake and "naked wasted" gate.)


    To the wine glass throw heard 'round the world.


    She gave us this iconic nickname:


    Tamra has simply never disappointed to me. Even in recent seasons, she's provided moments like this:


    So I am truly shocked to see Tamra knocked out at such a low position of #35. I don't even want to hear the justification that some of you heathens are trying to use for your low scores, but let's see what excuses you all have:

    tylerc904 gave her a 2, stating "I'll give her a couple points for her shit stirring but I can't stand her." #teamdodd! calls her "VILE!" Yawn. Berserkboi gave an acceptable but still too low score of 6, noting that Tamra is "Fun, but very obnoxious".
  14. I don't understand what criteria we're using for this anymore.

    Tamra & Vicki are model housewives -- they're unstable, shit-stirring, delusional, impulsive, insecure, and endlessly watchable -- everything you could want on your TV screen.

    Are we going to end up getting a Top 10 with Carole Radziwil and Dina Manzo?
  15. I usually give the shit stirrers high marks, just never warmed up to what I saw of Tamra. The 6 is still ok for what she brings to me though. Not sure why she'd get below a 5 from anyone...
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  16. I thought she would make the top 10. She’s a brilliant Housewife. Wait, is Carole still in this?! There is no justice in this world. I like her but she should not be ahead of Tamra.
  17. I gave Carole my -1 and she’s still in this?

    Carole ahead of Taylor Armstrong and Tamra Barney?

    Why people. Why.

    Because you perceive Carole to be a nice person or something?

    I’m twitching here.
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  18. I didn't give her a good score so don't blame me. Get her OUT!
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  19. I have to admit, I did give Carole a 5 because I don’t think she’s the worst Housewife. She’s just average so I thought a 5 would be appropriate. She doesn’t deserve to be still in the rate though.
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