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The Real Housewives Rate - We have a winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HaveASit, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Pettifleur is still there!??!?!

    My favorite Housewives:

    Dorinda Medley
    Shannon Beador
    Phaedra Parks
    Danielle Staub
    Athena X Levendi

    Brandi Glanville
    LuAnn de Lesseps
    Sheree Whitfield
    Margaret Josephs
    Erika Girardi

    Bonus four:
    Elsa Patton
    Christina Kiesel
    Ampika Pickston
    Magali Gorré
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  2. One of my 10's and one of my 1's exit at the same time. I'm so bummed. Carole should have outlasted "Dorit-o" as I just can't stand her at all.

    Can't wait to see who goes next! Let's hope that LVP is on her way out soon and not a top 10 Housewife.
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  3. Since we are far into the countdown - who do we think will win? I unfortunately doubt Gina can go all the way due to the adjustment that will be made to the Melbourne score. Are we thinking Brandi (BH) will be the winner?
  4. My money is on Dorinda, but hoping for a Ramona victory.
  5. I think it's between Ramona, Dorinda or Sonja.
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  6. No adjustment for Melbourne. :)
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  7. My top eight would be:
    1. Danielle Staub
    2. Kim Zolciak
    3. Countess Luann
    4. Ramona Singer
    5. Teresa Guidice
    6. Shereé Whitfield
    7. Brandi Granville
    8. Camille Grammer

    I want Jill, Bethenny, Kandi and Kenya out in the next spots. I really don't like Jill and Kenya, they aren't just fun compare to the other hated housewives. Bethenny is overrated. Kandi isn't really the top player of Atlanta so she should be out soon. I don't want to see Sonja or Dorinda winning this. There's so many more epic housewives out there. Like I get that they are likable but in New York - I felt like Luann and Ramona had a bigger impact than those two.
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  8. You guys...

    Eileen is still in.

  9. Eileen is a treasure!
  10. Yeah, I'm thinking that RHONY will end up on top as well.

    Hoping for a Lisa Vanderpump exit in the next couple of rounds.
  11. Y'all KNOW this thread is about to be Turtle Time once we get to the #1 spot.
    Lu-Mann for #2.
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  12. Christina can leave next. Out of the remaining girls, she has the least impact. I wonder who will be the highest voted International Housewife? Money is on Gina.
  13. I like these ladies:

    Gina Liano
    Lydia Schiavello
    Lisa Oldfield
    Athena X Levendi
    Gilda Kirkpatrick
    Ampika Pickston
    Magali Gorre
    Jody Claman
    Ramona Singer
    Countess LuAnn
    Caroline Manzo
    Kelly Dodd
    Brandi Glanville
    Leanne Locken
    Kenya Moore
    Karen Huger
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  14. I was reading the list and nodding along but omg, really?! I guess so few people watch these that their averages were relatively high??
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  15. I find Lisa to be the most disappointing of all the Housewives purely because I enjoyed her so much for the first few years but ever since she fell out with the whole group then proceeded to ice out Brandi I've been completely sick of her.

    Every human interaction she has on the show just reeks of insincerity. I mean it's cool that she loves dogs but at this point can she do that in her own time and not on my real housewives?
  16. Has to be Gina or Gilda from Auckland.
  17. 32. Pettifleur Berenger


    Average Score: 6.393

    High Score: 9 (@ufint, @Lucas)
    Low Score: 0 (@Stella93)​

    I laugh every time I read this Melbourne housewife's name. I don't know much about her beyond that, but I guess she's popular with you lot! GhettoPrincess says "She’s entertaining because literally everyone hates her and she absolutely loves herself. She is horrible and annoying but in a way I like." Truman calls her "Compulsively entertaining, if annoying often." Meanwhile, #teamdodd! says simply that she is "deranged".
  18. Love ha.

    You should really watch Melbourne, @HaveASit


    And then it was followed by this moment:


    To think that the other franchises have gone to Dubai and they couldn't even deliver what our Melbourne girls did in ONE EPISODE.
  20. I’m planning on it, I just need to find the time to start!
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