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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Cynthia is such a non-entity in this reunion.
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  2. Yeah, I know she hasn't been in any of the drama this year but it would be good to hear her stick up for Kandi and Kenya.

    I hate it when Porsha starts yelling over the others. It's so damn loud that you can't understand a word anyone is saying. Kenya was the entertainment of Part 1 with all the names for the Chateau and I laughed at the "Thank you Dr Dumb" comment while Porsha was delivering some speech.
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  3. I'm not even Tanya's biggest fan but she's spot on about Dawn in this episode. It's actually amazing to me how far Dawn has fallen in this series. She reminds me of Vanderpump in that she gets the other housewives to do her dirty work but she's nowhere near as clever as she's pissed off her best friend on the show who also happens to be best friends with her OTHER best friend in the show. The only girls on her side are a former boring housewife who licks her arse and the newbie. It's amazing to see her downfall be so clearly laid out in this episode.

    Magali's even commenting about it on Twitter. Love her.

    Also as much as I love Lauren, she's really become non-existent on this series so far.
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  4. Tanya's comment about Dawn's hysterectomy!!!
  5. I think Tanya came across really bad this episode.

    I highly doubt Dawn will be back for S6, she's gonna get beat up a lot throughout this series.

    I think a cast shake up, and the return of Magali is the way forward.

    Magali , Ampika , Lauren + 2 new HWs would be an interesting dynamic.
  6. Phaedra's another housewife who thinks she's more clever than she really is, though she's been incredibly sloppy with her shadiness this season. She's been caught out and it's on camera so I don't see how she can remain so committed to her story. Probably didn't help that a lot of the time these things were discussed with the Bone Collector herself.

    Kandi must have actually been an incredible friend to Phaedra in her earlier seasons, like she must have been covering up or somehow able to downplay Phaedra's shadiness.
  7. I always get so confused in this thread. Like a thousand conversations happening on top of each other.

    Also: the first part of the reunion was maddening, ridiculous, and magnificent. Everyone is a hypocrite, everyone looks bad. Next week looks incredible.
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  8. Possibly, but Dawn is such a secret sneak and she has really put the knife into Leanne if the rumours are accurate. I think Dawn does sit out and let other people attack her foes, then she'll state in a confessional that they "went too far," which she likely doesn't really think.
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  9. She does. I wouldn't mind her as much if she would actually speak her mind during conflict, but she just sits there, pulls a few faces and then escapes as soon as she has the chance. I do think it's because she knows she has no leg to stand on, but if it was Ampika in the hot seat, she wouldn't give two shits and would turn up to events uninvited in her latex nurse outfit and a helicopter.

    "Helloooo ladies!" *jazz hands*
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  10. What I don't understand about the whole Dawn and Leanne argument is why would Leanne lend Dawn £500,000? Aren't Dawn and Ashley worth quite a fortune?
  11. Obviously not. Something is clearly not adding up. Dawn's house has also been up for sale for the past few years, but then I got told that was normal.

    I think borrowing money from a best friend and not paying it back is really low and Leanne is reacting in a way that I think we all would. I mean, if my best friend borrowed just £50 from me and refused to pay it back, there would be absolute hell to pay. It's the simple principle of it.
  12. Does anyone else get annoyed by how involved Andy gets in the Atlanta reunions? He's so proud of himself when he 'shades' one of the ladies and it's not even good.
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  13. He lives for women fighting each other. And his support for Vicki Gunvalson is out and out wrong.
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  14. Dawn was sued by Sinitta and found guilty for assault. She's clearly not as rich as she is saying she is. On one hand Leanne is incredibly naive for lending her that much money but when you're friends with someone you do tend to over trust them.
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  15. I bet Dawn felt "so sad" when she attacked Sinitta.
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  16. Kenya will always be terrible. I don't love Porsha but I live for whenever anyone falls out how miserable she is.
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  17. I can't find episode 8 of Sydney anywhere. Is it really that unpopular?
  18. Same, the others were uploaded quite quickly so I'm surprised we haven't found this one yet.
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  19. I really wanna see it cos it looked juicy from the preview.
  20. I'm gonna go all Athener X on whoever uploads Sydney usually if I don't get the episode before I go to bed tonight.
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