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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I watched it on HAYU (my new favourite app). But surprised someone hasn't ripped it by now.
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  2. I didn't even realise this existed! *Starts free trial.*
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  3. Just discovered that Manzo (Caroline/Dina) is Italian for "beef", how fitting.
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  4. I'd still have Albie's Manzo.
  5. Me, still waiting for episode eight to appear online.
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  6. Ugh I've had a crush on him since RHONJ
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  7. I'm glad Dawn's true colours are finally being shown, I hope this is her last season tbh. I agree with a cast shake up as long as Ampika, Leanne, Misse and Ester remain and Magali returns I'm good.
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  8. I can't see Ester returning after her secret is exposed.
  9. Lisa Oldfield is hateful and iconic.
  10. Tonight's BH better be full of other zings alongside the rabbit moment! Won't watch until tomorrow but consider me perched. Still haven't watched Part 1 of Atlanta, but will try soon.

    Since I don't think it has it's own thread, I finally finished Part 3 of Vanderpump Rules... The Scheana and her ex husband stuff was brutal. I must say though, it felt nice to have something serious and real for once after such a drawn out season of WILL THEY GET MARRIED?! nonsense. I truly cannot stand the men on that show, especially James and Sandoval. Though he is cute and charming, Schwartz is such a manchild and a whimp that I just can't deal.
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  11. Oh wow at the RHOBH reunion. The Kim Bunny scene is so much worse when given the context of the scene right before it. I'm screeching.
  12. Kim: Can I talk to you?
    Rinna: NO!

    Okay so I cracked up at that scene, the second part was only a bit more interesting. I really don't sympathise with Kim anymore though. I hope they keep her off the show so Kyle can't rely on her for an interesting storyline and so Rinna can just leave her behind.
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  13. I realised tonight whilst catching up on all the latest episodes that we're in the thick of a saturated Housewives season (and loving it!).

    Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York, Potomac, Cheshire, Sydney and Toronto are all playing and have been for the last three weeks. It's incredible!
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  14. Why does Eileen only come to life in the reunion? Honestly she should be demoted but I love her here.

    Also for all the people waiting for Sydney episode 8, it's up now. Next week looks just as good.
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  15. Eileen is such a loyal friend. Of course her and Lisa have a genuine/off camera friendship so it makes it more noticeable but LVP shoved her nose into every conversation and situation that involved Dorit because "that's my friend". Kim just can't stand that Eileen won't tip toe around her like every non-Rinna housewife does. She's a bully, and Kyle needs to either be on the show without her/LVP, or grow a pair.
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  16. Kyle needs to be off the show. She brings nothing. Her sister brought more drama and she wasn't even there for most of it.
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  17. Sydney... What an episode. Obviously the towel and drink throwing was iconic, but Victoria is truly a vile person. She's the worst and Athena X was completely right with everything she said to her, which is probably why Victoria reacted that way. Melissa is useless and has no spine, she's just giggling like an idiot in half the scenes she's in and the rest of the time she desperately tries to make people believe she still has a career. Poor her.
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  18. Maddie won this episode of RHOS with "Even Iran-Iraq war wasn't that bad" line and she lived through it. Liza turning against Athena in next episode will be epic. What a vile person! The whole show is like Athena X's greek tragedy.
  19. Lisa Oldfield really reminds me of Cruella de Vil.
  20. I'm surprised none of them have brought up the incident where Kim spoke about Rinna's husband and she got so angry she threw a glass at her yet Rinna can ask Dorit if she trusts her own husband?
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