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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Thank God for Eileen being the only one who has the balls to call Kim out on what she did, I can't believe Erika, Dorit and LVP were making excuses for her behavior.
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  2. Are you serious? The whole RHOBH is centered around Kyle she's had the most friends on the show and most drama.
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  3. I know you love her @Betty_ but the only drama around Kyle lately is her sister.... it's getting old.
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  4. Kyle will leave the show when she wants to. I really don't see Andy firing her, except if they do a major cast overhaul and get rid of basically everyone.
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  5. Which was the biggest storyline on the show this season.
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  6. That's the problem though, she never brings anything new to the table and it's her sister bringing up the drama.
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  7. She doesn't need that drama stay on the show she gets the most screen time she's vocal in other people's arguments, she's the core of the show.
  8. I can't bring myself to watch second part of RHOBH reunion...
  9. You don't need to. I passed out midway. The whole bunny thing and then giving PEE KRAP the platform to NOT apologise but antagonise Erika for drama sake.

    I'm gonna put my hope in Sydney being the best of the crap bunch this week.
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  10. Yeah, the BH reunion wasn't great. I'm sorry but all the women were laughing at the idea of Dorit giving Erika underwear. Kyle can use her confessional as "proof" that she thought it was a bad idea but we all know that was probably filmed after Erika took it badly so I'm glad LVP clocked her on that one, as she should have been clocked for the Munchausen conversations last year.

    I did feel bad for Rinna and I do think Kim is just a mean person but at this point I'm just sick of them arguing and Pantygate is at Munchausen levels of annoying.
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  11. Don't forget Cheshire!

    Kyle hasn't really been involved in drama, but I've found her fairly entertaining this season, even though for the most part she's just been like a scene partner for the main players. I would love to see how her friendship with Erika pans out without LVP in the picture, and I've said this numerous times before, but Kim is the truly vile one of the Richards sisters. I HATE her.

    It's one thing to play be given the villain edit but housewives like Kenya, Athena X, etc have a quality about them that's entertaining. They're at the very least bearable to watch, but Kim is the type of nasty that I don't want to see on my TV.
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  12. Victoria is the true villain of Sydney for me. Athena X is crazy but all the women bar Lisa have treated her so poorly and Victoria has done so from the get go.
    Krissy, Maddie and her are my favorites. I hope they're back for season 2, if we get one.
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  13. Victoria (Bitter) is a vile, nasty old woman.
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  14. Apparently everyone except Victoria & Melissa have been offered contracts for Season 2 of Sydney. And the argument that happened in Singapore is most likely the moment where Victoria allegedly slapped a producer back in December. I assume that's why she's not being invited back, if that's true...
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  15. Finally caught up on the reunions. Atlanta was fine, and I like that Kandi isn't holding back already, but I'm eager to see the true dragging of Frick and Frack. They are both so unbelievably delusional.

    How Eileen can be the only one willing to stand up to Kim (or LVP for that matter) is so strange. You'd think Erika would jump in but she just sits there biting her tongue, despite the obvious look on her face that she found Kim's bunny thing so foul. Luckily she made up for it ripping PK a new one. I loved her clapback when PK said he was so busy and she said something along the lines of "not too busy to still be here". He is gross.

    I love that next week Eileen will get a chance to drag Kim a bit. She is so annoying and you can tell she is reveling in the spotlight. So many issues seemed brushed aside. Are they even going to go into Eden vs. Rinna any further? It was so glossed over. I thought the finale/reunion was setting up Dorit and Eden to become certified mainstays but now I'm thinking Eden is a goner. The one obvious "has to go" is LVP. Is it bad I don't really want to hear about her son?
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  16. Melissa : good riddance.
    Victoria : as much as I hate her, i want her back for season 2. I feel like Krissy may turn on her in the future, which would be interesting to see.
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  17. The second BH reunion episode is so much better than the first, the highlight has to be:

    Kim: "Can I talk to you?" *holding demon bunny.
    Lisa R: No.

    hahahahaha savage but exactly what Kim deserves. Kim is such a mean-spirited person, I'm glad Eileen lets her have it next week. As for Eileen, she doesn't really have that many bitchy moments on the show but when she does, they have to be my favourite part of the show (besides Rinna's antics) . I think she's so used to acting and remaining classy, that when she does break her decorum from time to time, it comes out all at once and it's golden to watch.

    An unpopular opinion but I actually like Eden and hope she returns next season, I wept when she offered Kim her crystals for healing and you could hear production crew laughing. Eden's honesty, quirkiness and spiritual shtick balances out all the fakeness in some of the women *cough cough* LVP, Kim and Kyle. Although I must admit, this has probably been the first and only season where Kyle does not come cross as a complete intolerable idiot, at least to me.
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  18. I hated that Andy never brought up how Rinna treated Eden and made her the scapcoat for what she said and how rude Erika was when she bought her a ring.
  19. I'm on a housewives marathon since we are in the thick of it - as someone mentioned here earlier - and the Dawn Ward's gays (Rick and Royston - they're actually one of those gay couples that start to look like each other when they've been together too long, ha!) remark about her being, YOU ARE DAWN WARD - don't let it affect you, made me cringe so fucking hard.

    Sydney oh Sydney - what a freakin' episode and Victoria is one nasty piece of work. Biggest bully ever and clearly she is a very lonely woman clinging on to whatever last bit of fortune that her two ex husbands left her. How utterly vile. Athena doesn't do herself any favours but I think I'm on her side on this one. Lisa continues to baffle me to no end, I sympathise, hate, laugh at/with her most of the times and then I can't help but feel some form of adoration towards her cruelness.

    The only one I'm keeping on the backburner is the yawnfest episode that is Toronto, The fact that no one is even bother commenting about it says it all, really. But the completist version of me, will want to watch this till the end, so I'm gonna stop writing now and get to it.
  20. I do think Eden is a goner now. Which is a shame but if Andy wanted her to stay he'd be asking her more about the Rinna situation.
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