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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I love Eileen's delivery of "have you seen YOUR face?" to Kim.

    BH is missing something. All of the women can deliver entertainment, we saw that in Hong Kong. But they need to stop driving the storylines into the ground. I also think Rinna can't be the only "villain" as it has just ended up being a repeat of last year aka Rinna has a big mouth. I think they'll keep the same cast for one more year and see what they can get out of them. But please, no more Kim Richards drama, no more dragging out storylines, no more "I don't remember saying that" and no more "I was manipulated" nonsense.

    And I know Kyle and LVP have a tonne of fans but they really need to bring something to the table. I like them both and think they have the most fun out of all of the wives, but they hesitate to get fully involved in drama in case of a backlash, unlike other RH veterans who don't give two fucks like Ramona, Bethenny etc.
  2. I agree about this cast. Dorit proved to be more than capable. She hardly pulled a Kelly from the OC, but she had more fight in her than a Jules
  3. Dorit utterly slayed this season. She dominated in a way that wasn't overpowering, and of course she completely dismayed Ericka with very little effort. She's a keeper.
  4. Yes, I agree. I was definitely impressed with how Dorit handled some of the women when they were coming at her. It's just a shame about the husband. But if she's back next season, lets hope that they focus more on her and her work life rather than her marriage.
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  5. I really want Eden back next season. I hated hated hated her at first but by the end she had grown on me so much.
  6. They all gave her such a hard time and by the end it really seemed she hadn't gotten close to any of them.
  7. I've really enjoyed this season of BH! Dorit is a keeper, even though she gets under my skin. I like what she brought to the show and I honestly wouldn't make any new casting changes. I'm all for adding a new housewife or friend, but can't think of anyone I would remove.
  8. Dorit can stay if her piece of trash husband never appears again and if she shuts up about Boy Georges.
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  9. NY looks so good next week. I was dying at Carole on the phone to Bethenny saying shit is going down at Ramona's and Bethenny is like "I know, I can see" because she's come to pick Carole up. Only New York.

    Seems like Ramona really doesn't care about anyone this season and that's my favourite Ramona. Just seeing the women trying to navigate through her madness is so entertaining.
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  10. I was surprised Ramona and LuAnn quite shut down Betthany at the dinner. I'm here for junter Dorinda, I feel sorry for Sonja being the pray but running her mouth like that and then being all "I don't address the elephant in the room. Decorum!" is really bad idea. I loved the shot of Dorina finishing the glass of wine just as Sonja was coming in to the party.
  11. PK will remain. He isn't ideal, but he is her husband and as a real housewife, it's expected for husbands to tag along and bring drama. PK just happens to bring Boy George too. I don't particularly like Mauricio but I understand why he's there on the show. It's a necessary evil, sadly.
  12. PK is vile.
  13. I think PK is the worst husband on the show since... Russell Armstrong.
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  14. TMZ is reporting that Kim has signed on for a part time role on Atlanta for Season 10.

    If this means her popping up every few episodes for a 5 minute argument like her one with Kenya in the finale, I'm here for it.
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  15. But has Phaedra been fired?
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  16. I was a little surprised that Bethenny just let Sonja and Luann talk about her like that at the table. Perhaps she's not as tightly wound as she was last season now that the divorce is basically behind her. I don't understand why Ramona would bring that sex scene up like that anyway, but the way she says and does things don't always make a lot of sense. I know where she's coming from, but she should have taken a different approach, in a different setting.

    I'm looking forward to next week's episode because we haven't really seen Sonja interact with the other women too much. I know she had that Mad Hatter party but that was a non-event.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Tinsley navigates her friendship with Sonja while getting to know and starting friendships with the other ladies. Tinsley already brought this up and Sonja said she'll be fine, but I wonder if she actually will be by the end of the season.
  17. I felt like New York finally got things moving last night & it brought me such pleasure. There are quotable moments in literally every scene.

  18. I love Sonja.
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  19. Apparently Lisa Rinna said on Instagram live that she's not returning for season 8.

    I still want Brandi to return, but she just doesn't fit in with the current cast. I wouldn't rule out a return in the future though.

    I'm thinking Elieen and Eden will be fired, and Dorit will be a friend of for S8.

    I'm hoping next season is good, it's been disappointing for a few seasons now.
  20. What?! She provides the best drama! And it's totally revitalized her dead career!
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