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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I can't picture them without Rinna but maybe if they didn't offer Eileen the gig, she doesn't want to be the outsider? Eden is almost definitely not returning based on how they interacted with her on the reunion (i.e. not at all).
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  2. Did Lisar say she's not returning voluntarily or because she was fired? If it's the former, she's probably playing by LVP's book of "this season is definitely my last, it was soooooo hard what a teeeeerrible experience blablabla" and will be back.
  3. Yeah I have a feeling Lisa Rinna is saying she doesn't want to come back so they offer her more money to return. The lips know what they're doing.
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  4. They might as well cancel BH if Lisa Rinna doesn't return. She drives the drama along with Dorit. The show isn't worth shit without them. If, of course, the producers can find other people to create similar drama then all is not lost.
  5. Rinna, Erika & Dorit will absolutely be back, they were the stars of the season and probably the only 3 Bravo has hope for in the future. Kyle's also probably still in a safe spot as the queen OG, she hasn't been bringing real drama for years, but she's the main connective tissue of the show now - always throwing parties, subtly stirring the pot, and seems to be the chosen producer favorite for greek chorus confessionals.

    This felt like Vanderpump's last season to me. She was very much on the outskirts of the drama and frankly seems uninterested in the other ladies altogether. At this point, her and Eileen are complete wastes of airtime.

    If I was Andy, I would throw literally any amount of money to get Kim & Brandi back on full time. Now that Dorit & Erika are in the mix, there's more room for them to intermingle within the group.
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  6. I literally wet myself at this bit in the trailer, on Twitter Bethenny teases that it's an explosive episode or something of that sort.

    I completely agree with @CasuallyCrazed I think Dorit, Rinna and Erika were the most entertaining this season and tbh although I joke about Dorit, I would want her back to see how her and Erika can salvage from PantyGate. I'm not too fussed about Kyle staying or going but I do think every season needs a Switzerland: Cynthia (Atlanta) Meghan (OC) Caroline (NJ) Melissa/Matty (Sydney) Lauren (Cheshire).

    As much as I want Eden to stay I have to agree, the way she has been commenting about her appearance on the show paired with the lack of the interaction at the reunion points in the direction that she's not returning. I think Eileen really needs to bring it if she wants to stay another season and if they don't fire her, I hope she works for her diamond because her bitchy moments are classic. Although if they do want Rinna to stay on board, I reckon she won't stay without Eileen.

    Kim Richards and LVP both need to just go, they've had their time and are just grouchy and manipulative women who enjoys hurting others and watching Rinna getting into confrontation as we've seen this season with Dorit and slightly but less so, Eden. I'm also sick of Rinna getting the villain edit she's had it for two seasons now, somebody else better bring it and become the villain... entering Brandi Glanville.
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  7. I think they need to get rid of either Eileen and Lisa R or Kyle and Lisa V.
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  8. My advice to you: Don't hustle the hustler.
  9. I just caught up with NYC. Was the Facebook group Sonja posted about Dorinda the ill-fated Bitch Sesh group? Or am I being paranoid?

    I would love if it was......
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  10. Lisa Vanderpump needs to go. I can handle Eileen's dryness because it's not offensive but I'm so tired of seeing LVP buying animals and making everything pink.
  11. I'm so glad people are still using this threat, I started it in 2009 on my old account (it wouldn't let me log back in)

    So I'll be honest Beverly Hills was a snooze for me again for the second season running...Rinna saying she won't be back does sound like a ploy to get offered a bigger pay check, but if she won't be back they definitely cannot justify Eileen still being there.

    I'm excited for OC, all the rumours point to Tamra being taken down this season in regards to Eddie being caught having sex with another guy and Tamra allegedly having an affair with one of the members of 98 Degrees throughout her marriage. Dead.
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  12. I'm watching the earlier seasons of Jersey for the first time and oh my god what is wrong with Danielle? Did she ever go into therapy for her obvious issues? She's absolutely crazy and TV gold.
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  13. Wait- what happened to the Bitch Sesh group? I was a part of it for several months but I just realized it's gone now!
  14. It got shut down because people overstepped boundaries and started meddling with Kelly Dodd's life irl.
  15. I think it HAS to be. If not, I need to join the group they're taking about ASAP!
    That's good to know. I thought I just got the boot. Shame as it was one of my favorite daily escapes, but I now recall that Kelly stuff starting and it was getting super messy.
  16. If Rinna leaves BH, I may follow her. I have grown to absolutely love her and her behaviour in the 'Big Buddha Brawl' episode was incredible. The little bit they did of her interrupting Dorit, repeating her name and screaming "TRY TO FUCKING LISTEN THEN!" and "Dorit, CONNECT TO HER" and "Listen with your heart." was the best thing to come out of this season.

    For season 8 I need Rinna, Kyle, LVP and Dorit back. Erika better do something interesting next season that doesn't involve her glam squad or her pink elephant. I would actually like a Kim Richards return ahead of a Camille return because it feels like she never really left and she's insane - her walking backstage with that fucking bunny to find Rinna killed me. Then if Kim comes back Brandi can come back as her friend.
  17. Some fans on Twitter are campaigning to get Brandi back on the show. I still can't believe she was fired, she was so entertaining. A lot more then some of the remaining cast.

    I could only see Brandi coming back if LVP quit, or Kim retuned full time.

    Also there's no way producers will let Rinna go, without her the show would be even duller.

    I find Erika so dull, she is the most overrated HW ever.
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  19. Andy admitted on Howard Stern that Brandi was only fired because none of the other housewives would film with her anymore. She was Danielle Staub'd basically. I blame LVP & Kyle.

    I need Brandi back. It would be interesting to see where she would find her footing with the newer players. I could see her getting close to Erika or Eden, possibly even Dorit. I also just need her as another number to take Rinna down, she got under her skin better than any of the current women.
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  20. Why would you want to 'take Rinna down' when she's possibly one of the only reasons to watch?!
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