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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. No Eileen? And who's that on the left?
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    And no Eileen?! Are my dreams coming true?
    Who is that next to Dorit?

    EDIT: Apparently it's Claudine Keane, footballer Robbie Keane's wife. I read that they were moving to Sydney for his job after a stint in LA with the LA Galaxy team, but I guess things fell through? Watch this space, she's apparently testing for season 8.
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  3. Sad to see no Eileen!
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  4. I love that Camille takes center stage.

    Wish Brandi was back.
  5. My Queen Legend Loose Lips Rinna looking like an outsider :(
    Doritos slaying as usual and ready to snatch the crown & her friend slaying with her
    LVP fading into the background...a sign of the times...
    Why is Jocelyn Wildenstein filming with the ladies?
    Camillegend wearing the other girls' diamonds on her feet. Queen.
    Are they going to Britney's Vegas show? That would explain Erika is like:
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  6. Maybe Eileen will be "Friend of" this year, which in all honesty, is where she should be after delivering little to nothing last year. I like her but she isn't needed.

    I am totally ready for a second season of Dorit though. I hope she brings it.
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  7. I get what people are saying about Eileen being a bit boring but lets face it Rinna is the only one on the show bringing it at the minute. LVP and Kyle have being sitting on the sidelines way too long now.

    At least with Kim/Brandi, Rinna had someone to bounce off.
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  8. Kyle is necessary for her reactions and confessionals. Also the glue that holds the group together. I'm bored of The Zookeeper but she did a fab job with promoting Yulin. Erika irritates me and is miserable and it always shocks me that not many people see that. Dorit didn't change the game but she's the best addition since Rinna, who is fucking iconic.
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  9. I somewhat agree BUT the majority of HW fans still love LVP and Kyle (I doubt either of them would ever get fired) and they at least always put their two cents into the drama and do a bit of shit stirring.

    I think LVP and Kyle's only problem is fans getting sick of their same schtick or them never being held accountable for their actions. The latter is about Kyle, who can shit stir as much as she wants and somehow get away with it.

    And in hindsight, I actually really enjoyed them both last season.
  10. I so badly want Camille to come back, I hope she's an actual Housewife this season and not just an occasional party guest. I know she's been on the boring side lately, but I'll take boring Camille over boring Eileen.
  11. People coming for Eileen bringing nothing when last year we got LVP's dog crusade and Kyle's SISTER drama. Rinna, Dorit, and Erika were the only ones bringing it.

    Rinna won't be too much of an outsider with Camille and Erika in the mix.
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  12. I wonder whether Adrienne still has the chef that hates LVP...

    I hope both Adrienne and Camille are main housewives
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  13. Me too! Though Camille was absolutely useless during her mini-appearances last season, I'm sure she'll bring it as a main housewife. I'm so happy to see Adrienne back, even if she's morphing into Jocelyn Wildenstein faster than it takes to say "hair tinsel."
  14. My point was Kyle and LVP still end up adding to the drama with their reactions and comments, while also keeping the viewers involved in their personal life. I do agree though that they need to step it up this season.

    Eileen has had some great moments... "BEAST?!" is one of my favourite HW moments ever. But I just don't think she is needed, she's more a nice to have. So having her as a "friend of" is fine with me. I can't even remember anything Eileen did last year other than the whole Erika thing.
  15. Eileen getting into with Dorit early in the season (re: PK and Dorit commenting about Eileen's father) and standing up for herself against Dorit and Kim at game night is 10x more "drama" than LVP brought. Though I will say Kyle would be a loss to the cast, for both her husband goalz and quips.
  16. It's official.

  17. I'm bummed about Eileen. I really enjoyed her, and I figured a 'Friend Of' role would have done a good job at kicking her back into high gear (ala Porsha and Luann).
  18. A 'Friend of' role would have been ideal for Eileen. Sad.
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  19. It will be interesting to see Lisa Rinna without her closest ally.
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  20. Mystery woman is Teddi Mellencamp, daughter of John Mellencamp. Has been filming with the women for a little while now.
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