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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Aw shit. I'll miss Eileen. At least I still have Young & the Restless to get my Eileen fix.
  2. Eileen was too classy for this show anyway. The producers really need to stir it up this season, if not, I think the numbers will suffer and keep going down like RHONY.
  3. She's back at Days of our Lives, the place that wins her awards. Screw Yawn and the Restless.

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  4. Cringing so much.
  5. "If you can't take my sparkle, then stay off my rainbow" is my new Grindr bio.
  6. Vicki's tagline should be: "I was part of a cancer scam, and I don't give a damn!"
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  7. That would mean Vicki would take accountability, don't be silly.
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  8. These tag lines are the worst yet.
  9. Thank goodness Lydia is in there though. I can't deal with a season of madness and screeching. There has to be someone likeable in that bunch, and by likeable I mean 'not a nutter'.
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  10. I can already tell Peggy is going to be awful. Who is she friends with?? Lydia?
  11. Part 1 of the RHOP Reunion was more entertaining than all three parts of RHOBH. Robyn's hot mic moment had me howling, I love these ladies.
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  12. She pisses off Kelly, Meghan & Shannon.. Why would we not love a feisty newbie. Kelly Dodd 2.0?

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  13. RHOD Season 2 Trailer:

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    • Loving new Orange County, the new opening episode isn't Ireland-levels of exciting, but it leads smoothly on from last year, establishing Lydia as the 'peacemaker' which will be vital in bringing these women back together. Excited, especially for Shannon, Meghan, Kelly and Peggy.

    • New York is nothing special and think the episodes could have been condensed much more, again Andy's favouritism for RHONY wins sadly. Sonja, Luann and Carole are boring me especially this year. However I am looking forward to the Mexico trip, the New York women always seem to lose their minds a little bit more when away from home.

    • I'm here for Eva joining Atlanta, rumours are the cast will be Kandi, Nene, Sheree, Porsha, Kenya, Shamea with Eva and Cynthia fighting it out for the 7th peach. I think Cynthia's had a good run but ATL needs some new blood, especially when you consider how little ratio of housewives it's had compared to OC or BH for example.

    • I am upset to hear Eileen is leaving Beverly Hills, but I think with her schedule she'll work better in a 'Friend of' capacity. Whilst evidently not the most explosive character - she was classy, she was intelligent and she always meant well and so I will miss that but I think the producers are keen for Camille to replace that next season. I'm happy Rinna is back though and apparently she made them pay more for her this year (800k) and rightly so, she's held the show on her shoulders for at least two seasons now. I'm not sure why LVP is retuning but if it means we can finally get an Erika/Rinna vs. LVP season, then I'm happy! Erika and LVP have tension and it's about time it's addressed instead of Rinna being regularly beat down, albeit mostly by her default. I think they'll add a newbie too with the season being Kyle, LVP, Rinna, Camille, Erika, Dorit and (newbie). Vegas should be a great way to start a new season especially as it was Erika's birthday yesterday and is Lisa's today.

    • I'm glad Potomac is coming to an end, considering there has been a year since the actually filming of the second season and the reunion, didn't see the need for it to be dragged out into two reunion specials mind. If it does return (I'm cautiously optimistic), I think we need a cast revamp considering only two of the women actually live in Potomac. More personalities like Monique please Andy.

    • Loving that Dallas trailer too @teddie88 I think Dallas has greater potential than Potomac and that trailer sure looks to provide that, Kameron seems hilarious! Following OC in the US will help ratings too. LeeAnne's Hotdog outfit though!
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  14. Loving OC and extremely excited for Dallas!
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  15. The new Dallas additions appear crazy in the best way. It's a pretty decent trailer; love that all friendships from Season 1 have been dissolved & alliances shifted. The first season was a disappointment, but it looks as if they've stepped things up this go around.

    I was really disappointed with the OC premiere. I don't care about Shannon's weight, Vicki's boyfriend, Tamra's religion/gym, Megan's baby, or Lydia. Kelly was the only shining light in that hour. Can't tell much from a premiere obviously, but it wasn't a very captivating episode.
  16. Potomac reunion was great actually, they all really brought their A-Game. I can see them all being brought back for season 3 (I'm assuming they'll get one.) The Grande Dame was pretty lit and really took a bashing. I still think Gizelle is highly unpleasant but I'm glad she has a man now, maybe that will take the edge off her.

    Dallas trailer was good - Leanne is so crazy. I think the problem with Dallas is that the majority of the cast seem to be a little too young for Housewives and all a little too cheerleader-esque. Brandi and Stephanie are so like that so why they added in Kameron who's the same is beyond me. D'Andra doesn't seem like the best fit but we'll see. Hopefully they bring it this year, and the OC lead-in will help.

    OC premiere was fine I thought - premiere episodes are always 'boring' in that they're just setting the scene. I thought they all established their storylines really well, and OC has always been about family life. Shannon needs to get gone though. I have a feeling Kelly will reinvent herself as the goofy, silly, sloppy jokester this season.
  17. The Dallas trailer looks great! The franchise seems to get a lot of hate, but I actually preferred it to season 1 of Potomac. It started out bad but I think it got better as the season went on and I'm excited to see them hopefully knock it out of the park for season 2.
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  18. Vanderpump seems to confirm Teddi Mellencamp is the new housewife and that Camille and Adrienne are guests only for season 8 of RHOBH.
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