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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  2. Oh my days, I love Luann when she's like that.

    Screaming at Sonja! "Her face is like a pizza pie with no cheese!"
  3. Countess has arrived!
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  4. The Mexico trip looks amazing. I'm getting a little sick of Ramona's "best room" nonsense. I mean, who really cares? How much time do you spend in your room on a girls trip to Mexico.
  5. I agree about the rooms but Sonja is just as bad and I do think Ramona gets picked on a bit and why do the other girls care so much? Just let them have it, it's not that serious.
    I don't know why they all except Ramona to a point scared of Bethenny she's the biggest hypocrite this season, everything she hates about Ramona are the same traits she has.
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  6. Eh Sonja is more of an accomplice and she's admitted that they are obnoxious when they do it (I think).

    I don't deny Bethenny's faults. She just comes across better in this battle, because Ramona is on a next level crazy this season.

    And its hard to look at yourself in someone else. I think Romana is an amplified version of some of Bethenny's tendencies.
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  7. Sonja is a grown woman she needs the stop blaming Ramona and acting innocent. I can understand why Ramona is acting crazy you can see Bethenny is making her feel very uncomfortable and she's making a meal our of this whole when it's not that serious. Remember last season B tried to exclude and cut Sonja and LuAnn out.
  8. I'm ready for the 'blue eyes' tea in Potomac.

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  9. Ever since B came back to RHONY, she's become more and more unbearable. Sure she's always been the outspoken one of the group - but she's kind of become a bit over the top and just plain rude.

    I still enjoy her snide monologues, but this whole situation with Romana is a bit stupid.
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  10. Well.....

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  11. [​IMG]







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  12. God bless you for this iconic post.
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  13. Kenya looks amazing in this.

    I'm interested in what the RHOA cliques will be this season. Porsha seems to be cool with only Sheree and Kim. But other than that I can't figure things out...
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  14. Is Nene returning full time, and Kim returning as a friend?
  15. I love that they're using her old married name.

    I want to say poor Luann, but she received plenty of warning from her friends and she chose to ignore it.
  16. [​IMG]

  17. So does NENE. WERK.
  18. She wanted to be married regardless. I don't think she'll regret it no matter the outcome. She seemed determined, didn't she?
  19. I don't like to call people "basic" but I can't think of any other word to describe Lydia. It's the first year I follow OC (before that I had just seen some episodes, mostly ones you guys talked about) and so far I hate everyone on the cast except from Brianna and Eddie.
  20. I just finished watching the later seasons with Alexis and Gretchen... I have to say, despite Vicki being an awful person, her reactions to Tamra being friendly to Gretchen were such a highlight. I was dying from laughter at her very quick/loud shouts.

    Briana is the shining light among the ladies of The OC. Along with Eddie, they seem like the only level headed people on the show. Though I'm happy we have Shannon, as this gif is everything to me.
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