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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm so ready for this LuAnn.
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  2. Season 5s best moment
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  3. The gurls on RHOA not being able to afford plane tickets to Shamea’s wedding.... I live.
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  4. I made it through season 6 of BH.

    I get that Yolanda wasn't the most interesting of housewives, especially throughout her illness but she remained one of the most dignified throughout the Munchhausen plot.

    I feel like there is an alternate reality version of Beverley Hills where LVP/Kyle left the show and Brandi/Kim stayed. I wish I lived in that world. LVP is awful and a parody of herself at this point. She was one of my favourites in the early years but with every passing year her innuendos become more forced and her stoylines are tedious to watch.

    Rinna is the epitome of desperate, but she makes for great television because she's willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight.
  5. Vanderfake is a joke, honestly I used to adore her but completely agree with you on all points @diamondliam. Rinna is the much more entertaining Lisa out of the two now.
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  6. Dorit must remain.
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  7. I have grown to enjoy Dorit...Although, I do want to call her Doritos most of the time.

    Apparently, Dorit and LVP are feuding this year...her and PK didn't go to one of Lisa's events that have been filmed...

    Where is this trailer...
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  8. Lisa Rinna saying Dorit looked like a goose shat on her head in the finale still cracks me up.
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  9. Where is that shot of Dorit looking ill on the boat? I love it too much!
  10. I won't fucking miss Lisa if she's gone from the franchise. That goes the same for Kyle. I don't agree with the ladies ganging up and coming for Yolanda but then if she's taking a paycheck and possibly faking a disease to get out of group filming then that's a point that needs to be highlighted. Also, I cannot forgive her for saying that Gigi's eyes looked Asian (like it's a bad thing) due to the make up when she was at one of the Guess photoshoots. It kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. So dignified? Gurl, please.

    Keep Dorit, Erika, Lisa R and bring back Camille, Taylor & Adrienne and that would be dream RHOBH cast.

    I can't believe there's no Nene in the latest RHOA episode but the next one looks good.
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  11. A lot of the footage from this week's RHOA was filmed before the stuff from last week. Shamea's bridal shower was actually at the beginning of June, while the 50 Cynt party was the beginning of July. That's why there's no Nene this week - she hadn't begun filming yet.
    I think Bravo are going to string this season out and piggyback* a lot of other shows off of RHOA through til April/May when it goes off air.

    * "Don't hit me with the muthafuckin' piggyback. Piggyback yo ass up. Take that ass somewhere else with that bullshit."
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  12. Oh, okay, that makes sense then. Of course they'd want the season opener to include Nene but they couldn't cram all that in with the drama that happened before her, that also needed to be there.

    I'll forgive them for last night's mostly boring ep.
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  13. DDDD I forgot about that! When you watch 100 episodes back to back you forget some of the awful little details. I still think she handled herself well in regards to being ganged up on but some of her stage mom antics are questionable.
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  14. Apparently the events of the second episode of Atlanta took place before the premiere episode. MESS.

    That’s probably why Nene is nowhere to be seen, she probably hadn’t even signed on yet.
  15. I don’t think Yolanda was ganged up on at all?! I mean yes people were questioning what she was going through, but that was all down to her making statements that didn’t make sense.
  16. I just love that the entire Munchhausen thing was clearly handed to Rinna by a producer, and yet not a single person has tried to risk their diamond by blaming the producer(s) that made it all happen.
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  17. Thing is, Season 6 could have actually been half decent if maybe Kyle took some flack (seen as they said at the reunion it was just Kyle and Rinna texting about Munchausen before they shot that scene at LVPs house) and then didn’t Rinna bring up that Yolanda and LVP actually really disliked each other? But then it was never mentioned again? That could have been juicy.

    But no... I am looking forward to the new season. I just need a solid trailer now.
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  18. Yolanda played up the whole thing (the being ganged up on thing), when really she was simply never there. So of course they were having conversations about it without her!
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  19. Ester is the only one really saving Cheshire for me right now. The new housewives, Stacey & Seema need to go. How dull can you get? I would say Dawn needs to go but that won't happen apparently. The reunion looks good despite having the dreadful Brian Dowling back as the host.
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  20. Seema is terribly offensive. She's about 'embracing everyone' and yet constantly reminds Ester that she's got 'different morals'. Vicious and hateful Dawn Ward, who denies laughing about Tanya being bullied online, burst out laughing when she was told Ester had a drink thrown on her. I believe Ester and I'm completely on her side against the snobby and awful Housewives. Leanne needs to speak out against Dawn.
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