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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. It looks like Leanne's had enough at the reunion and I don't blame her. I can't remember the name of the singing one but she has no charisma going for her and no musical talent either.
  2. Her name is Ner-MEAN-a because she's suddenly a bit mean. Rachel served no purpose this series. I can't believe they got shot of Ampika. And Magali is needed to save us from Dawn and her friends.
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  3. Honey, that's a Shady PhaePhae move.
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  4. Not enough drama although I'm sure they'll deliver.

    Scratch that. Watched it again. What is going on with Janet this season? Don't break down, my queen.
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  5. Dorit’s accent is an abomination.

    But I love her in BH, she’s bringing the petty drama and she’s snatched so I’m a fan.
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  6. Yes, you tell her Queen Gina.
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  7. Can already tell Queen Gina will be delivering yet again this season.
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  8. Also dying that the trailer edit makes it look like Jackie gives Janet a black eye.
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  9. I'm live tweeting about the #RHOCheshire Reunion right now and I hate myself for it but...I'm feeling like I have to just express myself/don't repress myself.
  10. So the RHOC reunion trailer is out.

    The last five seconds gave me chills, with Tamra Vicki and Shannon crying and hugging each other. Seemed so surreal, now maybe we will get a good season next year.
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  11. I'm not the victim, I'm the f--king Queen

    An icon, more like. Could not be more excited.
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  12. The stared down between Jackie and Janet. Janet barely walking and looking like she was hit by a truck. QUEEN GINA just being herself. I love how rich the settings inRHOM always look, really nice cinematography.
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  13. I really enjoyed the last part of the Dallas reunion but the reunion was really hard on LeeAnne as a whole.

    There's no show without her and Cary and her minions should be cut. That said, another season with all of these ladies in this combination might bring the fireworks again. I'm just worried LeeAnne is going to curb her personality now and she is the one who makes the show.
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  14. I thought this was Coco Montrese at first, eek.
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  15. The Cheshire producers are so crap aren’t they? After Leanne got up and was held back by security guards, we come back after the break and they’re all sat down and it’s barely talked about?! Also stuff like showing montages but not being able to see the women’s reactions. They need to step it up and take some notes from the American series.
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  16. I got the sense that Dawn was being protected at all costs. She'll get a spin-off with her daughters I'm sure, which is what she probably wants.
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  17. It's turning into the Dawn and her minions show. Literally why they have 9 housewives when they could be bringing back iconic housewives like Magali and Ampika baffles me.
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  18. Rachel, Seema, Stacey, Nermina and even Lauren at this point provide nothing.
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  19. I love Lauren but she has no storyline AND she didn't show up to the reunion. That would be an instant "you're fired" from Bravo.
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