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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. She seems diminished by Ampika's departure. Leanne will be next. Dawn won't tolerate defiance.
  2. Agree 100%

    Apart from being a truly AWFUL person, I can't stand the really old fashioned way Dawn talks and the very dated, childish insults she uses......I mean dick head and big teeth are about a 5 year old level.
  3. It just baffles me that she can get away with her bad behaviour. Also her family are very dull.
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  4. All this Cheshire talk made me realize it's been 2 years since Bravo aired the first season here in the US, so they'll probably never air the rest. Off I go to get caught up.
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  5. She's been after it since before season 1 even finished filming. She was trying to get a "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"-esque show based on her family, who are boring as hell and really unlikable, hence why it never happened. So instead she is the only castmember that is guaranteed family scenes in every episode. It's grim.

    The producers truly think they have no show without her, so they bend to her every wish. I can't comprehend it and never have been able to.
  6. In that case Leanne really will be gone. I'm surprised she hasn't got rid of her already. Tanya too, in fact.
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  7. They both threatened to leave before this season began, Ampika was the only one that actually went through with it, and the show has suffered greatly since.

    The choices production and ITVBe make on this show perplex me and always have done. They just do not know how to make a a Housewives show and what it entails. Not one little bit.
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  8. There are nine housewives and there still isn't enough content between them to generate a really cracking series. Seema, Stacey, Rachel, and Nermina literally do nothing while Ester creates all the drama. I can't understand what sort of incompetent production team could miss what we all know to be obvious. The show needs a clear out and Dawn has to go.
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  9. Siggy is a narcissistic lunatic.
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  10. When you resort too many family scenes, you know you are *not* liked by the majority of the cast, even when they keep having to bring new friends on like Ester that don't seem to work out.

    I don't know what the producers are thinking, I've never thought she was popular and she avoids, and walks away, she is just nasty.

    I would cut the cast to:

    Tanya Bardsley
    Leanne Brown
    Magali Gorré
    Ampika Pickston
    Lauren Simon
    Ester Dohnalová
  11. The first four are basically useless, but Missé Beqiri was a miserable, sour cast mate who is only better than Dawn (but who isn't?)
  12. GIRLS - STOP WATCHING IT, love yourself. I have and you should to. Ever since I found out QUEEN PIKA was gone, that was the last straw for me.
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  13. LQ promo pic but at least we're getting closer to a trailer.

  14. This is probably the least excited I’ve ever been for a series of BH.
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  15. It’s all down to the trailer for me as to whether i’m going to be excited or not as we have heard barely anything about the drama, which I hope is a good thing. No idea who’s going to be the ‘villain’ this year.
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  16. Apparently Rinna and Erika get into it a bit - but it's quickly resolved...and theres also LVP vs Doritos.

    No Camille or Adrienne in those photos though.
  17. I never trust a trailer after BH season 6.

    “You’re going down in fucking flames with me” INDEED.
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  18. Well, I for one, can't wait to hear what the final line of the trailer will be.

    Rinna always delivers.
  19. Omg apparently Janet’s black eye was “definitley inflicted by another housewife”
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  20. I already have a bad feeling about the new season of Beverly Hills. Was hoping Camille & Adrienne would stir shit up and get last minute diamonds back.

    Bravo, how are you only going to have 6 housewives when you already know 2 of your staples (LVP & Kyle) aren't going to be delivering any confrontation ever?

    They should have loaded up the cast with like 9 and made them scramble for drama & airtime.
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