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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I don't think Kim fits on the show AT ALL anymore.

    I miss Phaedra! I know most dislike her now, but I actually agree with Nene (for once) that Porsha threw Phaedra under the bus.

    It was probably just an in-joke between them that Porsha used as 'gossip' and then kept repeating to others. She knifed Phaedra to keep herself on the show for another season.

    It was in extremely poor taste, but I don't think Phaedra ever meant it seriously, or to be repeated.
  2. The only cities worth watching these days are New York, Melbourne, and Dallas. New Jersey is enjoyable this season, but you can see how much trimming/editing was done to make it work. A shame. I think the franchise is beyond its peak.
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  3. Apparently there’s rumblings at Bravo that more cities will get the RHONJ 12 episode treatment now, as opposed to the super long seasons.

    Personally I feel that call should only be made when you have the material in front of you. I couldn’t imagine a 12 episode long RHONY.
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  4. I’m fine with shorter seasons if the material isn’t up to par. As much as the Jersey ‘Season finale’ announcement startled me, I’m pleased it’s ending before it loses too much momentum. OC, ATL, and Beverly Hills could’ve used the same trimming.
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  5. I'm all here for shorter seasons if the material isn't up to par. However whilst this season of NJ's been their best since S4 so much stuff was edited out.

    I can see NY and OC getting cut shorter next season. However if the material is great then I'm all for 17 episodes and 2 reunions.
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  6. NO. Phaedra made several accusations that should rightly have resulted in Kandi crushing her in a lawsuit. She did something very evil and that shouldn't be dismissed because some fans online miss her 'shade' or whatever. I agree completely with you that Porsha has escaped unscathed when she spread the rumours and said them in public. Phaedra underestimated Porsha's self-preservation streak and viciousness. Porsha should be fired.

    I love watching Real Housewives...but there comes a point where I feel Bravo need to step in and take responsibility for questionable actions that result in harmful stereotypes and women attacking each other. Kandi was accused of rape. They kept that in for a storyline.And don't get me started on Vicki Gunvalson and what she did. Andy makes my skin crawl because he seems to enjoy women at odds with each other, fighting, controvery and nastiness. It sometimes gets a bit too much for me and I have to stop watching.
  7. I'm working on making my boyfriend a RHONY convert. He has never seen ANY season! I'm not sure where to start to ""sell"" him on the show, but I was thinking the revamp season where Aviva was the villain? What do you gals think?
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  8. I’ve converted a few people into NY fans and have always told them to start with Season 3.
  9. With Atlanta and BH sucking this season, much like OC, I feel like Jersey has been the breath of fresh air for me. Drama, genuine heartfelt moments, great newbie, and beautiful trip.

    I have faith in New York, but can't help but feel a little unsure due to the apparent harmony among the women.
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  10. See I don’t even NEED huge arguments/drama. Of course I live for them but I am fine with these women getting drunk, having interesting discussions and having a laugh together. I enjoy those moments just as much as the drama and NY has continuously delivered that.

    Atlanta usually does but Nene vs Porsha is boring as neither of them are willing to talk about any real issues they do have. At least we’re going to get a little bit of Nene vs Shereé next week.
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  11. Echoing the push to start with Season 3 RHONY.

    Perfect mix of drama / fights and comic light relief.
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  12. Janet and Jackie are so fake on Melbourne. I'm glad Lydia refused the Mexico invite, Jackie just wants to stop the truth coming out so only invited her with "conditions". Good for her to not let that happen.

    I honestly don't understand why they've brought Chyka #2 aka Sally onto the show. Although Gina vs. Sally looks like it'll be good.
  13. Melbourne is truly bringing it again. As much as I love the drama and insults between Venus and Gamble, I'd like to see it truly escalate or completely stop - it is a little draining. I totally believe Lydia on her claims (whatever they may be) and I think Janet has not be as loyal to Jackie as Jackie might think. I really adore Gina and Lydia's friendship, I have been calling it out for years that Gina and Lydia have been friends off-camera for a long time and only had moments against each other for the show.

    I'm really eager for next week to come around. It's about time someone came for Gina again and I'm glad it's Sally (rather than Jackie - been there, done that) because Sally will be railroaded. I think cracks between Janet and Jackie should and would have come to surface anyway; regardless of authenticity - it's a good twist and storyline.

    Even though she's cracked and bringing some casual laughs through her desperate behaviour, I'd like to see Gamble go after this season. She can take Sally and Janet with her.
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  14. Camille's blog this week literally made me scream:

  15. There were rumblings last year that season 9 of RHONY would be cut to 14 episodes, but thankfully it didn't happen and I doubt it will this year either.

    Jersey, Dallas and Potomac should be 12 eps + 2 reunion eps
    OC, ATL, BH and New York should be 16 standard eps + 3 reunion eps

    Atlanta is tedious this year. There are no storylines other than Porsha vs Nene which is tedious and shouldn't still be ongoing mid-season. It's like they pick up ideas and then by the next week, they're entirely abandoned. Sheree having a prison bae isn't exciting if it's out in the open and everyone's like "well, if she's happy..."
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  16. OMG.

    Trisha Paytas being talked about on BH and them showing a clip of one of her videos. I'm dead.
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  17. [​IMG]
    I'm just gonna leave this here.
  18. Isn't Lu supposed to be in rehab?
  19. Dorit is gutter trash. I’ve seen a glimpse of the old Camille in her TH and it got me very excited, not gonna lie.
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  20. In that photo Ramonja have come to bust her out.
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