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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Please scan the pages & post here.
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  2. Apparently Ramona facetimes Andy during the RHONJ reunion! Love that woman.
  3. Earn my ass, she didn't even deliver a proper classy comeback in the presence of her ZADDY piece. I been knew she won't deliver anymore if she was asked back. The Season 1 Camille is long gone. Maybe casting Kelsey's current wife would make her resurface.
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  4. Yeah I just can't imagine Camille being any good to us, she's too self aware about how she comes across.
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  5. Ramona interrupting the NJ reunion is hilarious and ... so Ramona. Just the gift that keeps on giving.
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  6. Bobby Zarin passed away from cancer today. So sad.
  7. Jill’s a wankstain but I feel awful for her.
  8. How sad. I always liked Bobby.
  9. I still have a soft spot for Jill...she got too caught up in the show but I liked her and it's so sad to hear about Bobby's passing. I've always wanted her to make a return.
  10. In a time where many OG's have returned, I'm surprised Jill hasn't. I wonder if B really has that much power?
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  11. Oh no, poor Jill. Thinking of her. I would love her to come back to the show in the future still.
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  12. She should never have been kicked off the show.
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  13. I have been watching housewives on Hayu, and for each housewive show the title card is an image of the ensemble cast (as it should). However for New York the picture is just a close up of Bethennys face. I found that pretty strange...
  14. It's a picture of the cast on mine?
  15. I have no idea how to upload pbotos but I basically get the first image on google images if you type in Bethenny Frankel.
  16. I’m rewatching season nine of Orange County and it’s so good. I definitely think OC benefits from a smaller cast! These early episodes really only have Vicki, Tamra, Shannon and Heather as ‘wives (Lizzie hasn’t been introduced yet) and it’s so nice not having to see solo scenes of women that I don’t care about. I hope they widdle the cast down for season thirteen. Vicki, Shannon, Tamra, Kelly and one new ‘wife would be good.
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  17. Kim and Kandi are going at it on Twitter. Basically accusing Kandi and Todd of being swingers?

    Did Kim get a peach again? People is reporting it like she has?
  18. ^ No Kim didn't get her peach back half way through the season.

    My girl Kandi dragggged Kim!

    Kim is just coming off as super negative, Kenya read her to a t, a dark negative cloud. The medium also read her for filth, Ms. Dixie cup was glorious.
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  19. I’m watching RHOBH from the beginning and it’s genuinely unenjoyable any time Kim is on screen. She’s clearly not sober in most of the scenes and it’s so... sad to watch.
  20. Y'all are gonna have to deal with my live posting about me watching, but WHO THE FUCK IS DANA? Why is she so desperate? Was she being considered for a diamond in RHOBH with Brandi? Thank god they went with Brandi.
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