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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. She has been carrying Beverly Hills for so long now.
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  2. As much as I like Lisa Rinna, I'm not sure about actors/soap stars being Housewives.....
  3. BH is really shit right now, they're focusing too much on the wealth aspect to make entertaining TV. BH is one of the few franchises that actually benefits from a larger cast of "friends" to revolve around the main cast. Camille is doing an atrocious job at being a friend of the housewives this season, there's no need for her to be back in the mix considering her current performance. Getting called a "stupid cunt" by Dorit is not enough to salvage Camille.

    How they should have done season 8 / should do season 9

    LVP - - beloved, best house on Housewives. That's it really
    Kyle - - glue that holds cast together
    Dorit - - messy, serving fashions and insane. Best casting decision in years
    Rinna - - iconic and breathed life back into the show in seasons 5 and 7
    Erika - - fan fave even though I don't care for her
    Sydney Holland - - she was linked to the show last year during casting for season 7 but they went with Dorit. She split with her 94-year-old hub Sumner Redstone and got an estimated $75million pay-out. Would love to see her in the mix with the likes of Erika and Dorit, and Rinna and LVP's commentary would be iconic. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...stone-ex-Sydney-selling-house-join-RHOBH.html

    Bring back Kim for some more messy moments, LVP and Dorit could bring on Carlton to antagonise Kyle (and because Carlton is a mess right now - assaulting her housekeeping during her tubulent divorce.) They could have Taylor come visit Kyle, and give Faye Resnick some moments too.
  4. I died at Nene talking about Kroy’s booty implants. Her, Marlo and surprisingly Porsha were all pretty hilarious this week.

    ATL has been missing dinners like Porsha’s where they actually get drunk and get more outspoken and shady as the night goes on. Also, Marlo burping...
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  5. Peggy from RHOC has been confirmed as another cast member "leaving" Hoo-fucking-ray! Another one I'm glad to see the back of.
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  6. Literally the one I wanted to see leave the most.
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  7. Finally bitchy Camille has manifested herself into an actual scene.

  8. Camille was right to call our queen mess Dorit out, glad she finally did something.
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  9. Dorit shit her pants in that one millisecond of silence. She knew she was coming up against an OG housewife.
  10. Erika didn't come off well in that clip either.
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  11. Oh my God that was so unbelievably awkward (and amazing). Dorit just fucked it all up for herself. Clearly Bravo wasn't planning on using any of the footage of them talking shit that night but since Dorit opened her mouth, now they HAVE to.
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  12. Neither did Lisa’s camel toe.
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  13. For once I'm on Dorit's side. The 4 of them are talking behind Erika's back at how 'weird' and rude it was for her to stay at the hotel so I applaud Dorit for actually doing something about it. But I'm glad there's finally some drama this season.
  14. I love how much Camille hates Dorit. The whole thing is ridiculous, but the least Erika could have done was tell Teddi why she wanted to leave and go to a hotel... She's rude.
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  15. Camille is no match for Dorit.
  16. This Camille, maybe, but season 1 Camille is ruthless. She would chew Dorit up and spit her out in PK's ugly toad face.
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  17. Teddi said this about Erika in her blog.

    "What we later discovered that night— and what you didn’t see—was that her assistant had already driven to Dana Point separately and got a hotel room for her. Again, I didn’t have a problem with her leaving to stay in a hotel—I offered that option when I invited everyone. The issue is why spend the day pretending you’re going to stay over, but as soon as the camera crew leaves you have your assistant come pick you up? It’s not like Erika came to us at the end of the night to say she wasn’t feeling well and thought she’d feel better sleeping in a hotel. No. She asked me to call in a pass for her assistant who then arrived at my security gate. Erika then left so abruptly—and without explanation—that it was clear she had planned to stay at the hotel all along. I don’t think you can use the “I was embarrassed” excuse when the previous day you were explaining your situation in great detail to everyone but me apparently."
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  18. The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 finale was amazing. The only thing that bothered me is that like in Season 3, they have an EXPLOSIVE dinner to wrap the show up but cut it short when you know there's a lot more seething and insults hurled around to be seen.

    Lydia, Gina and Janet stood out this episode, Janet for the worse.

    Lydia looked fucking incredible in that Lycra dress and hat multi-fabric jacket. She was absolutely radiant. It was a scream that she invited everyone to this final dinner to then have a written speech, completely roasting all the girls bar Gina, Venus and Gamble. Lydia had an amazing moment when she was arguing about Janet calling her fat then says "I look amazing tonight and do you know why? BECAUSE I'M ON A DIET!!!!!" ICONIC.

    Gina was on form and was NOT having one bar of Salty Sally or Janet. She really spoke her truth through lashes of insults. Gina freezing Sally out and holding her fingers like a cross to ward evil away was hilarious. Her rehash of "You're compiling a dossier of...." moment was a nice nod to her showdown with Andrea in Season One. I am glad that Gina stuck to her guns about Janet being a drunk. Gina saying to both Janet and Sally, "You two can get fucked" then walking out of the dinner with her HIDEOUS over the top fur (hopefully faux) jacket over her shoulders was hilariously dramatic.

    Janet just proved how awful she is. She really stood out on how awful she is and craps on about her opinion as fact. I hope its true with the article released (and quickly removed) that Janet will NOT be returning.

    Venus coming for Janet in the way she did shows that she has potential to be an incredible housewife.

    Sally, Gamble and Jackie were a bit blah but Jackie's comment "I'm glad you finally got a job" to Lydia was completely relished. Sally had one good scene this entire season and that was her husbands ashes being spread which showed a nice side to her. Gamble's lip sync fail was hilarious too with her MOR song.

    I hope that they have a cast shake up for Season 5. I'd like to see the lineup be:


    Time will tell!
  19. Camille's obvious dislike for Dorit is almost as potentially amazing as Teddi's complete disdain for Erika (and visa versa). I wish Teddi would step it up and call Erika out, because it does more or less seem like she's "untouchable" after Dorit tried it but ended up becoming her new bestie.
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  20. Lydia talking about Jackie: “She sleeps all day and talks to the dead”

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