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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I feel the same except I'd keep Janet and get rid of Jackie. Sally is easily the weakest link.

    Gamble's performance was laughable. Even though I don't like Sally, it was nice to see her have a personal moment with the husband's ashes.

    Lydia's mum and her interaction was so cute. Lydia's reaction to Jackie's job comment was brilliant. Venus offending Janet for bringing up her age when it's the truth, gosh Janet has a stick up her ass. Then Lydia brings up Janet's Ronald McDonald eyebrows. OH MY GOD! "Let's just lower that down" Gina brushing off Sally was brilliant and "high mileage, low rent" at Janet.

    Janet is honestly vile even though she's entertaining. All she can come up with is "oh what a load of shit" and not being able to defend her actions. Honestly if she has been chucked off the show then good cos it'll teach her a lesson but Sally and Jackie for me bring less entertainment.

    Can you post the reunion trailer if there is one?
  2. I've been re watching Season 7 of NY and I feel like we don't talk about Dorinda seeing her husband in the Balloon enough.
  3. My favourite running joke on the Bitch Sesh Facebook group is people taking photos of random balloons and saying “Richard visited me at work today”
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  4. I haven't seen one posted anywhere yet. I'm curious!
  5. A reunion trailer didn’t air at the end of the episode which I found odd. Hopefully it’s uploaded to the YouTube page soon.

    This season’s Melbourne finale felt like it was cut short, as @Blayke said. It seems like a lot more happened during dinner that was left out. I agree that Janet came off quite badly at this dinner, and while I’m not convinced Sally did call Gina a wog bitch, I think there’s something off about Sally and she might actually be quite nasty herself.
  6. The BH drama seems to be amping up but at the same time it seems like we're reaching the ceiling of how far they will go.

    At least we'll get belligerent Kyle and Drunk Rinna next week.
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  7. You stupid s...woman.
  8. Something IS off with Erika this season. It's like the facade of her brand is slowly starting to crack. The whole hotel room thing is fine but I don't get why she was so awkward about it herself. It's kind of funny she's all about promoting self-confidence when she is obviously socially awkward and insecure at times. I think it would be way more positive for her brand if she showed some vulnerability once in a while.

    And then to shoe-horn that scene in with Tom which felt more like a business meeting....gurllll. You need to get real.
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  9. Agree Erika's response was weird.
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  10. SCREAM at Ramona in a wheelchair. This vacation already looks messy.

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  11. I really liked the Melbourne finale but at the same time I think that Melbourne really shows its weakness the further the season goes on. None of the drama is resolved and it gets a bit stale after a while. The fact that they tried to end on the same note as season 3 made things worse because season 3's operatic ending was actually creative and genius at the time. This just felt like a poor retread.

    I feel like Janet and Jackie will not be returning but then again, it'll probably be ages before we see another season.
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  12. I haven't seen the Melbourne episodes and I'm quite upset that I have only two episodes left and we don't know when the next season will come. I will miss these Aussie/bogan/WOG whores.

    As for RHOBH, I think @truman is right, this is the height of the drama that we will reach with this franchise, unless they recast Brandi or Kim who are considered loose cannons, since Rina can't be arsed to do any of the dirty work anymore. I kinda lived for the moment season 1 Camille appeared beyond the confessionals and shoved her boobs in front of Dorit while saying, "WELL, YOU CALLED ME A STUPID C U NEXT TUESDAY/THURSDAY."

    ERIKA JAYNE IS friends with the housewives only on camera shocker - beetch please, they all know this is a job, she was just smart enough to EXIT when it was needed and then sleep in a nicer place than what Teddi's beach house looked like. She didn't marry an old man to be shacked up with a bunch of bitter queens. But then again I do think it's part of her being guarded and she just didn't wanna be drunk with the girls and getting caught on cam. Mr Girardi would've halted her expenses for the entire year.
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  13. I wish they showed more of the BH girls getting drunk and having fun at Teddis instead of just showing us in a few flashbacks. I actually do think this is a pretty likeable cast and it looked like there would have been some more interesting drunken conversations/fun to be seen.
  14. Yeah, I really don’t get why they wouldn’t show more of that and less of Not-the-Hadids and Rinna. If the producers can’t give us drama, at least show us the wives having fun and enjoying themselves.
    Lisa giving Kyle a wedgie had me cackling.
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  15. I’ve noticed Housewives has used the annoying device of ‘flashbacking to scenes we’ve never seen’ much more in the last year than ever before & it drives me batty.
  16. Blocked in the UK, darn.
  17. Blocked.... damn you Australia.
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  18. After my post like yesterday about Camille being cancelled, I'm flip-flopping back to thinking she might not be entirely useless this season if she keeps up her antics from this week's episode.

    Her WWHL appearance with Teddi was interesting - Andy asked if she would ever come back full time and she said "it's up to you" (which sounds like she's game). Andy went on to imply that she hadn't made a full-time return because she was so scared of backlash, but it seems like she might finally be ready next year.

    Tbh, can Erika and replace her with Camille, and bring on a messy friend for Rinna and bam, season 9 is set.
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  19. Also, Dorit is carrying this season. When she was sitting with a silent Erika watching the rest of the women work out, you could see the cogs whirring in her brain - "Do I shit-stir, do I shit-stir..."

    Thank god for her messiness because otherwise we'd be watching LVP and Teddi horse-ride for six months. Dorit has shaken this season up and she has LVP and Kyle shook. Kyle is also earning her diamond this season if the past two weeks plus next week's fight with Dorit are anything to go by.

    I posted some boots on the ground intel months ago, about PK telling someone I know that Dorit had signed a three-season contract (this was during production of season 8) so it's almost guaranteed that she will be back next year.
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