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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. That Storm wig comment was one of the funniest things.

    This reunion finally has me loving Kenya. All it it took was for her to have to go up against someone as FOUL as Kim.

    Also loved when she suggested they go for cocktails and Nene asking “aren’t you supposed to be pregnant?”
  2. Get that X-Men reference, Shereé!

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  4. It is for me! Kim's brand of reality TV just isn't fun for me. I like shade and arguing as much as anyone else, but with Kim, I feel like the shade comes from a really nasty, dark place and it makes me uncomfortable.

    Poor Sheree, though. How is she going to pay for that house now???
  5. Kim used to be kind of fun. The awful wigs, the wannabe popstar and fights with Nene but now? She's awful. The denial about anything negative about her is just on another level of delusion and she's not even fun to hate. I hope she never returns.
  6. I stopped watching Atlanta years ago but I CANNOT stop watching this clip and laughing hysterically. Was the whole season THIS good?
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  7. Its not. Kim pretty much carried the dramatics of this season.

    Shereé isn't fired yet, and I doubt she would be. Cynthia and Kandi should get the ax.

    Kandi's D rap segment was unfunny.
  8. She will literally deny everything that came from between those lips. It's almost sociopathic, to be honest. Sheree, sadly, seems in awe of Kim and that's why she no longer has a place on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nene will probably refuse to film with Sheree and that'll be the end of it.
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  9. It's weird especially with the heavy involvement of flashbacks that disproves every lie she says. Then when Andy tells her truthfully that she said it on camera she gets super defensive thinking she's been made out to be a liar. It's beyond bizarre.

    The drama she provides to the show is not what it needs either. This season has stunk.
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  10. The Bone Collector must stay.

    By the way, I just finished all of Beverly Hills 8 episodes that have aired. Definitely, the show's worst season. I'll definitely take Yolanda's Lime Saga over this. This Kyle/Vanderpump back and forth just takes me out of the show and I just don't care. There's drama but its not the drama that I find interesting. Kyle is fine in confrontations, but with Vanderpump - the drama is not entertaining to watch and quite bland. Teddi is not a good fit for the show. I couldn't even enjoy when she was crying. She has no TV presence. I still don't like Erika, the "oh look at what I'm wearing, I'm in a costume one day and in an oversized shirt the next day" shtick is getting old. Though her over the top reaction to Teddi about the fake amnesia was unintentionally hilarious to me. If only she does that behavior more often. Camille really faded into the background, so I don't think she secured her diamond back. Kim and Danielle contributed a lot more but they aren't getting their full time housewife status. Rinna is okay. There's something amusing about how her and daughters are hustling for that success. A for effort but I need to see less of that. Also this proves that Rinna could only carry the show if she tries, but she's not as effortless/authentic as the other go to housewives of this franchise. Dorit is also okay but nothing groundbreaking. I'd keep Rinna, Dorit and Kyle as getting rid both of Vanderpump and Kyle would be so drastic especially to the public. So I'm choosing the less boring of the two.
  11. I stopped watching Beverly Hills and Atlanta about 4 weeks ago.
    Beverly Hills is the worst I have ever seen it.

    Thank god we have NYC.
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  12. It was indeed the worst. Even Erika and Rina refuse to do ANY work because they wanna maintain peace with SUCKING VANDERFAKE’s WRINKLY ASS. If this goes on, it’ll be another season of DOGS and PANTIES + YOU WERE BEING VERY AGGRESSIVE WITH ME + YOU LEFT AFTER WE FILMED stories.

    Bravo should just can this and give the budget to the long-awaited Vegas cast replacing the glitz and plasticness of Beverly Hills.
  13. Wait, is this a thing, or about to be a thing?
  14. Dolores ended her in every single argument they had, she's a shell of her former self.
    When you film full time and end up as a FOH, it ain't no ones fault but your own.
  15. Danielle gave her material so you should be grateful. Before Danielle, Dolores had no material other than talk to about her boring relationship with his ex husband, and being a peace maker. And so what if she's a shell of her former self. She still had a bigger impact than whoever newbie that was added in New Jersey cast. Every time New Jersey is brought up, people rarely mention Dolores. Again in a time when Lydia, the twins, Teddi, Cynthia, Peggy and Dolores are full time housewives - making Danielle a full housewife shouldn't be questioned.

    I was wondering when Bravo is going to do a Las Vegas version.

    And is anyone watching Married to Medicine and Southern Charm? These two continue to get spin offs and I'm wondering if they are worth it to watch.
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  16. Me enjoying RHONY while having my intrusive thoughts remind me that RHOC is on its way to rear its ugly head.
  17. Beverly Hills really is on life support - and we can tell that Andy thinks the same too.

    We should expect some major changes next season.

    RHNYC truly became the supreme series. It took a bit of a dip after they decided to ax most of the cast on season 5, and later commit a reality tv war crime by demoting Luann just a friend. But since season 7, with Luann's return as a full time and Dorinda's addition, the show keeps getting better and is now at its best.

    I still hope they'll bring Jill Zarin back next season.
  18. NY is so good that it makes the middle tier Atlanta seem BH weak in comparison. I caught some of Potomac the other day and must say it looked pretty good. Might have to start that!
  19. I haven't seen enough of the franchise to know if they always do this, but they had these shady ass Windows Media Maker effects for all of Karen's bankruptcy headlines. It's at least worth a passive viewing for that alone.
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  20. Do we think because Bethenny went to Bobby Zarin’s funeral there’s a chance Jill could be brought back as a friend of? More so than some random dinner at a sushi bar like last season? I miss her and her heavy accent. Bethaynay...

    Lisa, Kyle, Bethenny and others of their caliber need to get knocked down a couple pegs like NeNe a couple years back when she was so insufferable and miserable to watch.
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