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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Candiace was iconic Charisse tried to patronise her by calling her "young" or "have respect" (something to that effect) and Candiace started calling Charisse a GERIATRIC GRANDMA!
  2. Am I the only one not getting the Erika hate? I mean we have glasses being thrown, physical altercations yet Erika's snapping puts her in the same group as Phaedra and Brandi?

    I'm bored of Erika Jayne so if that's why she is going, fine but anyone that would get rid of Erika before Teddi, Kyle and LVP needs to remind themselves that is is supposed to be a trashy reality show, not an episode of Loose Women.

    LVP and Kyle no longer bring anything to the show, and Teddi are you fucking kidding me? Sure she is likeable but she has got to be one of the most boring housewives of all time. We can't afford another dud season.
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  3. The problem is, I find Erika is more fitting than Teddi. Teddi's only amped it up since she has been met with less than stellar reviews.
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  4. What is Erika doing that's entertaining though? She's just as boring as Teddi is.
  5. There's no way they're getting rid of Rinna and Erika, and keeping Teddi and Dorit.

    The first two are massive housewives. Teddi's cute, but she's not really housewife material. She doesn't blend well with the cast.

    Even though LVP and Kyle haven't been doing anything to earn their salaries, Bravo won't get rid or demote them either.

    My guess is that they'll give Camille another chance, and if she really brings it, she'll be a full-time housewife. If not, she'll be a friend again. I don't see them bringing back Brandi while LVP is in the show (unfortunately.)
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  6. I couldn't believe they put in an extended version argument of LVP taking Dorit off the magazine in the part 3 reunion... I was like "didn't I already see this?" They were really stretching out for three parts...
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  7. Surely Dorit saw the photographer's reaction when she watched the season and his utter refusal to use Dorit at all. I don't like LVP, but at least she managed to get the pictures in the magazine in some form, even if in a slightly back handed way.

    It's not like Dorit is the new 'it girl' of the modelling world!
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  8. Her scenes when she's modeling... cringe worthy. She looked so awkward
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  9. I think it took me an hour to finish watching that sad dinner scene and the conversation between Bethenny and Dorinda. I just love Dorinda so much but damn that was rough.
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  10. So I've finally watched the last Bravo Real Housewives show that I haven't seen before. I expected worse from Potomac, just because I haven't heard great things from it until season 3 aired. There's actually drama and the women have attitude, feisty and ridiculous. However, I just don't connect with the cast at all. I don't find them interesting which made me tuned out especially the solo scenes. I just don't care. Total indifference. The cast lacks that spark and the star factor. Its not boring but I find it pretty boring just because the cast didn't grab my attention. Season 1 was the better season as I had a hard time paying attention to the second season. The show felt like a parody of the franchise, like a sitcom but not really a hilarious parody.

    I haven't seen season 3 yet. So far, this is my second least favorite after DC. I also think "Potomac" adds more to its randomness. I just haven't heard that city before this show, and I'd be more interested for a Real Housewives of Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Maui, Anchorage, cities that I actually I heard of. Anyway, I hope season 3 is really good so I could finally warm up to the cast when I watch it.
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  11. This episode of RHONY showed exactly why it's the superior franchise.

    The scene with a drunk Dorinda at dinner was painful and even though she didn't fully own up to her abusive relationship to alcohol the next day, that heart-to-heart with Bethenny on the plane felt like some of the realest TV in reality TV right now.

    Really amazing stuff.

  12. I agree with you about Potomac, but surprisingly the franchise really starts to deliver from season three.

    I'm glad I stuck with it because I was about to drop it and I would have missed Karen and the epic wig battle!

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  13. I don't think Dorinda will be with John for much longer.
  14. Bravo just posted this Flashback and I'm kind of dying at the awkwardness, subtle shade being thrown and brutal honesty being shot Luanns way. I've never watched the DC housewives but it's pretty clear Cat was an excellent cast for a housewife based on this clip. She was so messy. I'd love it if bravo could incorporate her into another franchise, I bet she'd give RHOBH the sparks it needs, I can vividly imagine her clashing with Lisa, Dorit and Camille.
    Here's the clip, starts to get messy from 2:42 onwards.
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  15. Its so weird to see a DC housewife in What Happens Live, after all these years. But good for Cat.
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  16. The latest NY wasn't "Fun" but it proved once again why it always remains the supreme series, you care about these ladies. Dorinda and Bethenny's heart to heart really tugged on my heartstrings, plus Carole's obvious saltiness towards Bethenny is just brewing. The preview for next week with Adam's refusal to do the charity photography work is starting to fill in the gaps!
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  17. Ramona is LOVING the brewing storm between Bethenny and Carole. The joy when she got to be the one to relay the news to Carole was palpable.
  18. Oh dear, this is not good.

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  19. Adam seems very apt to getting what he wants and I may agree with Bethenny on this occasion. Her chat with Dorinda was lovely. It's times like this when she isn't turning the show into her Infomercial that I appreciate what she brings. This episode was a rare good look for The CEO of SkinnyGirl.
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