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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Back when LuAnn was an insufferable cunt. Watching this reminds me of how awful and unlikable she was up to Season 5.
  2. This in the same week as Elon Musk and Grimes is really just too much.
  3. Lisa Vanderpump's only sibling, a brother, was found dead from a suspected overdose.
  4. Finally watched the latest NYC and agreed, while it wasn't the usual fun episode, it made me really emotional and (as mentioned) proved why this is the best show in the franchise because I actually care about these women. Dorinda, compared to Erika Jayne, is the prime example of a 'fan favorite done right' because she actually opens up and lets us into her life so we can get to know her and actually feel for her.
  5. I love Potomac and I think it's my favorite franchise, then again, the only other one I watch is Atlanta.

    Karen is such a hot mess and it's beautiful. Is there anyone more perfect for reality TV?
  6. Karen is ridiculous, but I like her for that.

    You should at least check the other big franchises, during their best seasons.
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  7. Okay, after season 12 of OC being kind of disjointed, I've gotten a little tea on what's been happening during filming this season and from the sounds of it, it will NOT disappoint.

    Producers have been working hard to keep everything under wraps, but there's been a physical altercation where one of the wives had to be restrained, a housewife kicked out of an event and multiple trademark Shannon storm offs, plus a surprising feud in Jamaica. Finale films this weekend...

    Been told to expect a season 9 Shannon vs Heather vibe with two of the wives in particular.
  8. It's going around that Tamra and Shannon are no longer friends. And from a few of these 'insiders' on twitter, the newbies apparently 'hate' Shannon. And some of those accounts have been accurate before.

    I think the 'big drama' started just recently. However I cannot wait to watch Vicki vs Kelly which apparently is the first episode!
    Kelly throws Vicki out of her apartment, she pretty much confirmed this on Jeff Lewis' podcast, and she's now been 'fined' for leaking storylines.

    I have also heard about the 'physical altercation' that happened last week.
    Someone apparenty got pushed to the ground ..

    I'll believe it when I see it though!
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  9. The fall of shannon has been the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on tv tbh

    Her first season was good, but ever since that she’s just become more and more of a damn mess
  10. Shannon is perfect for this show! Love her!
  11. Shannon is the most REAL Real Housewife from that show. I think she's necessary.
  12. After last season a I really began to dislike Shannon. But I suppose she was going through a lot. If she has another rough season, I think she should take a year or two off. I don't think she's got anything positive from the show yet.
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  13. Yeah, which is I worry so much because she is very much genuine and wears her heart on her sleeve.

    I need Gretchen to show up, shout tamRUGHHHHHHHHHHH and give her War flashbacks
  14. Just realized they actually gave a secret revealed episode for BH this week... I'm speechless.
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  15. It's shit.
  16. I just want to know who will be in the next BH season! I’m sure it will be a lot better after this boring one we just had!

    Hopefully Lisa R and Eileen are there and please no Teddi... she’s to sweet and nice for this show and adds nothing.
  17. So who's planning Bethenny's funeral, cause Carole got her all the way together in her blog!


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